General Conference Book Club Week 24!!!: President Uctdorf

First of all, Hooray!  This is the very last talk in our General Conference Book Club review of all the General Conference talks from the April 2009 General Conference.  I don’t have a good feel for how many of you actually stuck out the whole thing, but thanks to many of you for your intermittent comments and encouragement.  Regardless, I’m quite proud of studying each of the talks, and I’m excited that the October General Conference is just around the corner.  I plan to continue this book club because it helped me to meet a goal of re-reading every one of the talks and trying to make personal and family applications from their messages.  I hope some of you will join me for round two.

04_01_uchtdSo this last GCBC talk was given by President Dieter F. Uctdorf as the very first talk of the Sunday morning session.  It is called “The Way of the Disciple.”  I’m looking forward to it because I used to really like the talks that Elder Neal A. Maxwell would give about the commitments of Christian discipleship, and I’m interested to study President Uctdorf’s take on this same topic.

I was recently made aware of this new video where President Uctdorf testifies of the power of hope.  If you haven’t seen it before, I think you’ll find it really powerful.

Have a great week.  Next weekend is the General Relief Society Broadcast.  I will post a few ideas about preparing for General Conference and how to help our children get the most out of it.  (It’s super easy to participate in GCBC.  Click here to see how it’s worked in the past and join us in a couple weeks when we start all over again.)


5 thoughts on “General Conference Book Club Week 24!!!: President Uctdorf

  1. Hey Steph~

    I just want to drop a note and say Thank You! I am excited about the GCBC! I started out with determination and twittered out in the middle and picked back up during the end with a few comments. The reason I say Thank you, is because I am glad you didn’t twitter out. You held strong and I am so grateful to you for that! I am grateful that I could come back each sunday to see what was being discussed for the week. I am especially grateful for the comments that were made. The comments gave me greater insight and sometime better understanding of a gospel principle.

    Now that life has slowed down some, I have had more opportunities to bask in the knowledge of others and have been able to take more time to feel the spirit. All of the talks were amazing. I am so excited for October 2nd and 3rd that I can hardly wait!!

    I know I write alot about prioritizing and the internet is a “BIG” issue for me. I can get lost for hours reading and enjoying the “Good” things, but the rest of my life (house and kids) need my attention. But there is one thing I will never give up and that is every Sunday/Monday seeing what talk is being read by many women at one time and learning from them.

    Thank you for everything. I am truly grateful for what I have learned and I was even able to bear my testimony to a dear friend about what we can learn and questions that can be answered by listening to General Conference.

    Thank you!

  2. I’ll add my amen to those above in applauding your diligence in keeping this going. I, too, often read the talks even if I didn’t comment, but I really enjoyed seeing what others got out of each talk. Reading the whole Conference Ensign sometimes seems too daunting to me, but coming to the computer every week with one talk picked out for me has made it easier to get done. You rock on so many levels!

    Great talk by Elder Uchtdorf–I love him! There were great reminders that being disciples of the Savior really comes down to simple, consistent choices that we make every day. It is a “path of patience” as he said. I also like how he said that we can start right where we are–the Lord loves us even with our imperfections and will bless us for our sincere efforts. That means there is hope (and help) for every single one of us!

  3. Isn’t this amazing that the talk-a-week idea timed itself perfectly right up to the next conference? Thank you so much for posting these. I loved re-reading them and studying them more closely.

  4. I forgot to come back and comment on this talk, but one of my favorite simple concepts was just the fact that testimony building of any principle takes time and a dose of dedication. Trying a new plan for just a few days and then whimping out just doesn’t cut it in terms of eternal truths. That’s hard to remember in our instant-gratification world, but anything true is worth waiting and repeatedly trying for.

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