GCBC: October 2009 General Conference

Here are the links to the posts with our study discussions of all the talks from October 2009 General Conference talks.

Week 1:  Your favorites

Week 2:  “More Diligent and Concerned at Home” by Elder David A. Bednar

Week 3:  “Moral Discipline” by Elder D. Todd Christofferson

Week 4:  “School Thy Feelings,O My Brother” by President Thomas S. Monson (Priesthood)

Week 5: “Repent . . . That I May Heal You” by Elder Neil L. Andersen

Week 6: “Teaching Helps Save Lives” by Brother Russell T. Osguthorpe

Week 7:  “Attempting the Impossible” by Elder Jorge F. Zeballos

Week 8:  “Blessings of the Gospel Available to All” by Elder Joseph W. Sitati

Week 9:  “Our Perfect Example” by President Henry B. Eyring

Week 10: “Helping Others Recognize the Whisperings of the Spirit” by Sister Vicki F. Matsumori

Week 11:  “An Easiness and Willingness to Believe” by Elder Michael T. Ringwood

Week 12:  “Seeking to Know God, Our Heavenly Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ,” by Elder Robert D. Hales

Week 13:  “Stewardship– a Sacred Trust” by Elder Quentin L. Cook

Week 14:  “Safety for the Soul” by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Week 15:  “Hold On” by Sister Ann M. Dibb

Week 16:  “Ask, Seek, Knock” by Elder Russell M. Nelson

Week 17:  “The Love of God” by President Dieter F. Uctdorf

Week 18:  “The Past Way of Facing the Future” by Elder L. Tom Perry

Week 19: “To acquire Spiritual Guidance” by Elder Richard G. Scott, and “Prayer and Promptings” by President Boyd K. Packer

Week 20: “Being Temperate in All Things” by Elder Kent D. Watson

Week 21: “Love and Law” by Elder Dallin H. Oaks

Week 22: “What Have I Done for Someone Today?” by President Thomas S. Monson

Week 23: “That Your Burdens May Be Light” by Elder L. Whitney Clayton, and “Preserving the Heart’s Mighty Change” by Elder Dale G. Renlund

Week 24: “Let Virtue Garnish Your Thoughts” by Bishop H. David Burton

Week 25: “Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration” by Elder Tad R. Callister and “A Call to the Rising Generation” by Elder Brent H. Nielson


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