GCBC: April 2010 General Conference


Week 1:  Favorites

Week 2: “The Power of the Priesthood” by President Boyd K. Packer, and “And upon the Handmaids in Those Days Will I Pour Out My Spirit” by Sister Julie B. Beck

Week 3:  “Our Path of Duty” by Bishop Keith B. McMullin

Week 4:  “The Rock of Our Redeemer” by Elder Wilford W. Andersen

Week 5:  Mothers and Daughters” by Elder M. Russell Ballard

Week 6:  “Help Them on Their Way Home” by President Henry B. Eyring

Week 7:  “Mothers Teaching Children in the Home” by Elder L. Tom Perry

Week 8:  “The Blessing of Scripture” by Elder D. Todd Christofferson

Week 9:  “Helping Hands, Saving Hands” by Elder Koichi Aoyagi

Week 10:  “When the Lord Commands” by Elder Bruce A. Carlson

Week 11:  “Watching with All Perseverance” by Elder David A. Bednar

Week 12:  “Place No More for the Enemy of My Soul” by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Week 13:  “You Are My Hands” by President Dieter F. Uctdorf

Week 14:  “He Lives!  All Glory to His Name!” by Elder Richard G. Scott

Week 15:  “Turn to the Lord” by Elder Donald L. Hallstrom

Week 16: “That Our Children Might See the Face of the Savior” by Sister Cheryl Lant

Week 17:  “We Follow Jesus Christ” by Elder Quentin L. Cook

Week 18:  “Generations Linked in Love” by Elder Russell M. Nelson, and “Our Duty to God: The Mission of Parents and Leaders to the Rising Generation” by Elder Robert D. Hales

Week 19:  “Mother Told Me” by Elder Bradley D. Foster, and “Things Pertaining to Righteousness” by Elder Francisco J. Vinas

Week 20:  “All Things Work Together for Good” by Elder James B. Martino

Week 21:  “Developing Good Judgment and Not Judging Others” by Elder Gregory A. Schwitzer

Week 22:  “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus” by Elder Neil L. Andersen

Week 23:  “He Is Risen!” by President Thomas S. Monson


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