This is the part where you’re supposed to validate me.

Seriously.  I need to know if I’m alone in this.

Girl Talk

Do you ever…

  1. Get half way through your shower and can’t remember if you already washed your hair or not?  Or wash your hair and then not remember if you used shampoo or Summer’s Eve?
  2. Spend 50% of your budget in the first two days after payday?  Because you’ve been showing spending restraint for ten whole days and just. can’t. hold. back. any. longer.
  3. Buy something you know is nasty for your kids (like Spaghettios) just in the hopes that they might like it and you will have one more less-than-a-dollar and less-than-two-minutes-to-fix item to add to your list of lunch possibilities?
  4. Stock up on clearance items that are two sizes too big for your kids even though you know it will make your budget tight this month, but you convince yourself it will save you a lot of money in the Spring of 2011?
  5. Have more pajamas and lounge pants than “real” pants?
  6. Carry on imaginary conversations in your mind with people that you don’t even know?
  7. Secretly wish that all your ex-boyfriends had a blog so you could pop in occasionally to remind yourself how lucky you are (and make sure that you’re cuter and more clever than their wife)?
  8. Buy something that is obviously unhealthy (like a small package of Lindt milk chocolate truffles, hypothetically speaking) and eat all of it all at once so you can just throw away the wrapper(s) and eliminate all evidence that you purchased/ate it?
  9. Ignore your children while they ask something over and over and over again because you hope they’ll just give up and think about something else?  (Admittedly, not very nice.)
  10. Just look at your husband, your children and your life, and think “HOW did I get this blessed?”

Because I do.  And I was just wondering if that was normal.