General Conference Book Club Week 21: Elder Stevenson

05_03_steveI have to admit that I’ve been avoiding this talk on purpose.  This was the talk that pushed my guilt buttons at General Conference and I have not felt “ready” to study it quite yet.  (I even posted about it back in May, with a few insights that helped me to understand better my role in an organized temple-home.) But, it’s time.  I need to embrace it, make goals, and reap the blessings.  I’m rambling and I haven’t even told you what the talk is.

Elder Gary E. Stevenson of the Quorum of the Seventy, gave a talk called “Sacred Homes, Sacred Temples” in the Sunday Afternoon session of the most recent General Conference.

I knew it was time to study this more carefully when I, myself, taught a family home evening lesson this week about this topic.  I need the kids’ help to make our home more like what it should be.


Then today, at church, all the talks were about making a Heavenly Home, and I was reminded — by the speakers and the whisperings of the Holy Ghost — how important this is.  One speaker quoted often from this talk by Elder Douglas L. Callister, called “Your Refined Heavenly Home.”  I think it makes an excellent companion study to Elder Stevenson’s GCBC talk for this week.  (There is also an abridged version of Elder Callister’s talk recently printed in the Ensign here.)

I, personally, am going to try really hard this week to focus on this topic… plant the seed, so to speak.  I’ll come back and comment at the end of the week how my experiment goes.  Can’t wait to hear what you have to say, too.

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