Does this sound familiar?


I think my children suffer from what I like to call end-of-summer “boring brain.”  We constantly have conversations like this:

“Mom, what can we do?”

“What do you mean?”

“There’s nothing to do.”

“Are you kidding me? There are a thousand things you can do.  You can jump on the trampoline, play on the swingset, play toys, read books, color a picture, put together your car track, make a puppet show  . . .  see?  Lots of things.”

Blink. Blink.

Crickets chirping.

“Mom (spoken in three syllables), there’s nothing to do.”

I don’t get it.  I, for one, am ready for school to start.


(and as a little p.s., I feel like a dork about yesterday’s post because I really didn’t mean for it to generate a long list of “wow, aren’t you just so nice!” comments.  I do not always walk around saying nice things to people, and let’s be honest, it’s a good thing I don’t say out loud the not-so-nice things I think about some people.  But I have been trying harder to say kind things, and I had the courage to do it that time, and it scared the basheenus out of me, but I did it and she was delighted and I thought to myself,  I really should do this more often.  I am not a superhero.  The end.)