The Vacation Diaries: Love and Hate

We just did our third camping trip of the summer– this one was five days long, which is the longest we’ve ever attempted.  I’ve complained before about how much work camping is.  I spent two hours at the store at midnight the night before our trip trying to buy all the ingredients I needed to cook camp meals for five days.  Then I try to shove them all into a cooler and bins that aren’t too heavy to carry.  I give the kids packing lists and let them pack their own bags; luckily, the margin of error has so far not caused any major disasters.  Planning for weather, possible outings and activities, how to keep them quiet during camp “quiet hours,” and stocking the car for the road trip portion is no small task.  Five days, five people. Bruises, body odor, and mosquito bites galore.  This much laundry:

DSCF0065But what’s not to love about this?


and this?


and this?


and this?


and especially this?


So for all its hard work and exhaustion, I believe camping is here to stay among our family traditions.  I could sleep for three days straight, but the kids want to start planning our final trip.

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