I need your brains; Can you please think out loud for me?

computer_brainTurn on your web-surfing mind and give me some ideas.

I’ve been working more on the Protecting Innocence Project.  (Click here if you have no idea what I’m talking about.)  Anyway, many of you have accepted assignments to help me out with this project and I could not be more grateful.  Truly.  It’s made an otherwise huge and overwhelming undertaking seem quite manageable and even exciting.  So, thanks again.

Anyway, sweet Lisaway and her husband are helping me out with Search Engine Optimization.  (I know you’re probably way smarter than me and know exactly what that is, but I had to be taught that it’s a systematic way to make your website more accessible when people are looking for related information on Google or another kind of search engine.)  One of the “tricks” is to try to anticipate search phrases and then incorporate them into your site.

SO, I want to know what kind of search phrases would YOU type into Google or Yahoo or whatever if you were looking for what PIP has to offer?

Here’s the scope of the project, if that helps:

Protecting Innocence Project is a website that provides moms with tools to fight children’s exposure to inappropriate media.  It will include the following:
•    Contact information, fill-in-the-blank forms, sample letters and templates that make it easy to file complaints with television networks and/or other media outlets (including magazines, Internet, advertisers, radio, billboards, etc.)
•    A collection of resources, organizations, and research related to fighting the pornography industry as well as protecting children from other indecent and obscene media.
•    A forum where moms can alert and encourage one another to unite their voices in complaint when children’s innocence is threatened by media exposure.

Try to imagine what situations would make you even want to find a site like PIP.  What would you type in your search box to find what you’re looking for?  Go.  Hit me with your best shots.