I need your brains; Can you please think out loud for me?

computer_brainTurn on your web-surfing mind and give me some ideas.

I’ve been working more on the Protecting Innocence Project.  (Click here if you have no idea what I’m talking about.)  Anyway, many of you have accepted assignments to help me out with this project and I could not be more grateful.  Truly.  It’s made an otherwise huge and overwhelming undertaking seem quite manageable and even exciting.  So, thanks again.

Anyway, sweet Lisaway and her husband are helping me out with Search Engine Optimization.  (I know you’re probably way smarter than me and know exactly what that is, but I had to be taught that it’s a systematic way to make your website more accessible when people are looking for related information on Google or another kind of search engine.)  One of the “tricks” is to try to anticipate search phrases and then incorporate them into your site.

SO, I want to know what kind of search phrases would YOU type into Google or Yahoo or whatever if you were looking for what PIP has to offer?

Here’s the scope of the project, if that helps:

Protecting Innocence Project is a website that provides moms with tools to fight children’s exposure to inappropriate media.  It will include the following:
•    Contact information, fill-in-the-blank forms, sample letters and templates that make it easy to file complaints with television networks and/or other media outlets (including magazines, Internet, advertisers, radio, billboards, etc.)
•    A collection of resources, organizations, and research related to fighting the pornography industry as well as protecting children from other indecent and obscene media.
•    A forum where moms can alert and encourage one another to unite their voices in complaint when children’s innocence is threatened by media exposure.

Try to imagine what situations would make you even want to find a site like PIP.  What would you type in your search box to find what you’re looking for?  Go.  Hit me with your best shots.


11 thoughts on “I need your brains; Can you please think out loud for me?

  1. okay, off the top of my head:

    safe internet browsing for kids
    file complaints inappropriate media
    age appropriate internet access
    how to file complaint with media
    kids see inappropriate magazines in stores
    protect kids from media

    I’ll keep thinking on it…

    And, just in case you might be interested, I’ve just started using an internet browser for my kids called kidzui. It’s free, and filters out inappropriate material. We’ve been really pleased with it so far. The customer support team is also very communicative. I came across a game that they hadn’t blocked that upon close inspection, I decided wasn’t appropriate and emailed them. They responded within twenty minutes, immediately removed the game, and thanked me for my vigilance. I’m not sure if that’s something you would like to recommend on PIP or not, but we’ve found it very helpful. 🙂

    And… I think it’s awesome what you’re doing.

  2. protecting kids from pornography
    file complaint for inappropriate media
    fighting pornography industry
    inappropriate media material for children

    Mine are too obvious, I think you probably already have them.

    I learned about SEU stuff at BlogHer (before that I had no idea), and I do know that it’s most important to have the key words in your post title. Maybe you knew that. Just sayin’. When people do a google search, your posts will be at the top of the list of what google comes up with only if you have a higher google ranking. So if you aren’t taking a peek at your ranking, you might want to see what it is so you can work on increasing it for visibility for your project. It’s a 1-10 scale. I guess a 4 or 5 is considered high. It’s based on hits and such, but it raises your rank quite a bit if people link to you, especially if they link to an older post. I guess. I had no idea.

    I still don’t know what my ranking is since I don’t really have any reason to know, but this would help you know if people are hitting your blog when searching for this stuff.

  3. fighting pornography, fighting inappropriate media, kid safe movie reviews, movie reviews for kids (or moms), (if you are linking to any of those sorts of sites) contact media networks, support for fighting negative media, pornography proof your home, discussion against pronography…..

    Hope this helps! I’ll keep thinking

  4. My kids love to play games, and usually it easy to find fun, really cool game websites. One website “Addicting Games” has great monster truck races, bowling, puzzles….and “Take Naughty Photos” games spliced in the middle of it all. I was horrified another mother told me about this game , my kids play on the website all the time. After checking the history I couldn’t find the bad game there, but I blocked the whole page anyway.

    On the other hand, a great page “Orisinal” has the cutest little games to play and fun challenges. I would love a forum for mom’s of gamers only to type what pages are good, what pages they have found questionable material on, which ones have chatting…etc.

    As a mom it is very hard to stay on top of it all- but so easy to block anything once you are aware that you need to.

  5. Moms against porn, safe browsing kids…….that’s all I can think of right now. If I were doing a google search, those are the words I’d type. (No articles or prepositions.)

    Good luck!! Sounds like a fantastic project!

  6. I think this is a wonderful idea! And terrific to have LisAway andher husband on board. Here’s what I’d be most likely to enter

    internet safeguards
    block porn sites
    web safety for children
    browser interface parental controls
    block chat rooms
    age appropriate
    kids internet search
    safeguard computer
    web safe for families

  7. I’m kind of boring in my searches. I’d put (and this is without looking at everyone else’s responses) –

    safe tv programs for kids
    “how to complain to tv station”
    “how to block my kid from porn”
    internet safety for kids
    safe websites for kids

    …. probably not helpful?

  8. hmmm….

    sick of porn at the checkout
    gross magazine covers at checkout
    sexy commercials during kid shows/programming
    how to stop getting victoria’s secret catalogs
    who to call/write/email about a tv show/commercial/ad/magazine

  9. Joel says there is a free tool that you can use to find the most popular search terms. He will look it up tommorow and send it to you. Joel is a search engine optimization specialist. And owned a company that did that and it was his job for a few years. I probally should have told you that.

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