General Conference Book Club Week 18: Brother Neider

01_04_neideWith all due respect, it’s not that often that there is a speaker in General Conference that I’ve never heard of before in my life, much less seen.  This however was the case with Brother Michael A. Neider, counselor in the outgoing Young Men’s Presidency.  That explains it.  Having no Young Men in my immediate radar, I hadn’t paid much attention to that organization or its current presidency.  But, I think it’s safe to say that if asked by a prophet of God to deliver a message at General Conference, there’s something important that the Lord wants you to say.  And by default, something important that the Lord wants me to hear.   So even though his talk is called “Revealed Quorum Principles,” another topic not immediately in my current frame of reference, I’m going to read this talk with an open mind and heart.  I’ll probably transfer the principles to my responsibilities among my immediate and extended family, but that’s just me. 🙂

So for week 18 of GCBC (click here if you have no idea what we’re doing here at this little book club),  I give you this talk:  “Revealed Quorum Principles” by Brother Michael. A. Neider.


6 thoughts on “General Conference Book Club Week 18: Brother Neider

  1. Steph, I’m so sorry I totally dropped out of the book club for a while! School starts tomorrow for us, so I might be absent this week as well, what with getting into a new homeschooling schedule, but know that I’ll be back soon!!! This was (is!) a wonderful idea, and I love having an extra reason to read these talks. Thanks!

  2. Steph.
    Okay–this is going to sound incredible, but this talk was FOR ME!!! As in “tears rolling down my cheeks, speaking to my SOUL” kind of talk. Which sounds so funny!

    So here’s the story. I’ve been having some struggles in my current calling (ward YW president) and really trying to figure out what to do. I’ve counseled with the Bishop and sought out the Stake Young Women’s President. They have given good, inspired counsel… and I’ve been trying to implement it. But let’s just say the results haven’t quite been what I’ve hoped for.

    This morning, as I’ve been getting everyone ready for church and trying to keep the Sabbath in some small portion of my heart, I had the thought: You need to read the Conference Book Club talk. My next thought was “Oh, yeah. I haven’t gotten to that yet this week. I’ll do it after church.” Next thought: No. Read it now. Before you go to church. Next thought: “Weird. Okay.”

    So I pulled up your site and saw the talk for this week and thought “Seriously?? Maybe the inspiration was to read LAST week’s talk.” But no–so I opened it up and began to read.

    I started to read and my heart started to pound–I had found my answer!! So many things that I’ve been praying about were answered, one by one. Little bits of advice and counsel that spoke to my heart. It’s almost irrelavant what it was that stood out to me, but more about the fact that I am feeling so.blessed. by this talk, and what it means to me.

    So that’s what I learned this week: God speaks to me. Even on Sunday mornings when I’m looking for kid’s church shoes and listening to their tantrums and wondering if any young women will be coming today. He spoke to me, which tells me that He is aware of me and loves me. Even on days like today.

    Thank you! 🙂

  3. I thought, “geesh, this should be *my* personal purpose, too:” “The work of the quorum is to increase faith in Christ, prepare and save young men, and eliminate mistakes and sloth in implementing God’s will.”

    And having two sons, I couldn’t help but focus on the essential things I need to teach them: “President Monson has taught that the “teaching of fundamentals is urgent…” This reminds me of another quote by Sister Beck about how our sons should never learn anything new in the MTC; it should be a review, and a story about how one son said he never learned anything at church that he had not already learned at home.

    As a youth leader, I thought this was significant: “More youth leadership can then be exerted by quorum presidencies, while advisers can spend more time in support and leadership training.”

    This talk also sparked a desire to study For the Strength of Youth and Preach My Gospel, both of which I’ve previously received a nudge to read more thoroughly.

    There were a lot of good, solid principles in this talk that renewed my resolve as a mother and a youth leader. I liked it.

  4. Becca, that was a beautiful testimony. It was worth commenting just to read that.

    I like the story he gave of the young man who worked to reach out to his fellow quorum members. I think this is an example to all of us. I remember my son’s Sunbeam teacher who sent a postcard with a short note to everyone of her students every week. When we were sick one week, she noted that she missed him in class. Many of the class were inactive, and she found a simple way to reach out to them and let them know she cared and noticed they were gone. I wonder how many people would respond to a simple “Missed you at church today, will you be there next week?”

    • Wow, Charlotte! What a wonderful teacher your son had!! I think I’d like to do that with my Activity Day girls. Thanks for sharing!!

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