April Fools. Which limerick rules? (Ah, sweet poetry.)

Okay, so we made the domain switch today to http://www.diapersanddivinity.com, so here’s hoping that worked fine.  If you’re reading this, you’ve obviously found me here.  Hooray!

Limericks.  The important business of the day.  It was so fun to read your entries as they came in.  You’ll have to go back to the comments to read through all of them, but here were some of the laugh-out-loud highlights for me:

  • Shantel’s son Porter showing his bum at Family Home Evening, and someone peeing on her in Sacrament meeting
  • Jen and the lady who’s kids are tossing cheerios at church
  • DeNae and her completely-off-topic, but nevertheless very noteworthy limerick
  • Marianne and the fear of FHE
  • InkMom’s awesome also-off-topic but very clever limerick about morning sickness
  • The Queen, because who can’t relate to your kids crawling all over you and dislocating your skirt at church?
  • Tay, with the Star Wars screaming, wiggly little one
  • Erin with the dreaded front row disaster
  • and Becca with the harried late arrival stories

Phenomenal, ladies.  You did me proud.  After much deliberation (and actually stressing myself out about picking my favorites but then reminding myself, “Steph, this is a dumb contest anyway.  No one cares about being on your sidebar, and they already have a stash of chocolate hidden on the top shelf of their corner kitchen cupboard (right?), so just get over it and pick a few you like!),” I chose the following finalists for the Diapers and Divinity Limerick Contest:

Because I can totally relate to the whole arriving late at church dilemma:  Becca

We’re coming in five minutes too late,
in clothes that my children all hate.
They’re squirming and squawking,
the first speaker’s talking,
why must the front bench be my fate?

And because the concept of inside voices is totally foreign to my children, plus because her last line is awesome:  InkMom

Inside voices sound just like air raids
When Sacrament silence still pervades.
Deacons pass water;
Kids muzzled by father;
Goldfish are Reverence’s band-aids.

Because she captured the universal frustration of family scripture study:  Jen

Family scriptures – if we’re talking ideally –
Are meant to be spiritual. Really!
You say that you’re yelling?
The whole thing is smelling?
Then you’re just like the rest of us, clearly.

Because she clearly debates the same issues I do each time Family Home Evening rolls around:  Marianne

Once again it’s time for FHE
My baby is crying for me
My husband is late
My 3 year old’s irate
How dare I turn off the TV?

And finally, because her Sacrament meeting scenario just made me laugh:  The Queen

My twin girls climb all over the place;
Now my dress is undone to my waist.
I guess that’s why Bishop
Looks like he might throw up.
Wish this closing song had a quicker pace!

So pick your favorite in the poll below.  Please don’t feel the need to take this too seriously.  You can select more than one if you have multiple favorites, but you can’t vote for the same one multiple times.  And unless this contest is very, very important to you (?), don’t feel compelled to run a full-on internet campaign to collect votes.  🙂  I’ll close out the poll at the end of the week and announce the winner.  Thanks again everyone.  Fun times!

I have written a limerick below to share some of the joys of our trip home on the airplane today:

In the future I won’t arrive late,
Because the seats that are left are NOT great.
One kid’s on row 4.
One’s by the back door,
And the other is row 28.

“Would you mind sitting here on the aisle?”
They want to behead me, but smile.
So they all move around,
and we finally sit down.
This should be a fun 2000 miles.

The flight actually did go quite nicely,
Thanks to our electronic devices.
We’re home and I’m tired.
The kids are all wired.
And to do it again, I’d think twicely. 🙂


19 thoughts on “April Fools. Which limerick rules? (Ah, sweet poetry.)

  1. Love your traveling poem. Nothing is more exciting than traveling alone with three children!
    I am so excited to be one of the limerick finalists! I hope I win! All of my Hershey’s and Ghirardelli chocolate chips are gone from the freezer. I’m down to store brand waxy chocolate chips to restore my sanity. It’s rough.

  2. I’m so glad that I’ve found you again,
    My dear D’n’D bloggety friend!
    Tho I loved ev’ry po’m,
    Those about trav’ling home
    Were my favorite ones in the end.

  3. Oooh, DeNae made me feel like I need to comment in rhyme. But I just wanted to say that, happily, it appears that Google Reader is smart enough to know when a domain name changes. Wow.

  4. “Think twicely…” nyuk, nyuk. That gave me a good giggle!

    And I think it’s totally cheating that you made us judge. This is YOUR blog, you should have that responsibility! How are we supposed to pick? They’re ALL good!

  5. Hey – I left a comment yesterday – and apparently the comment box ate it. So I’m leaving you another one, to say Yay! I love being a finalist!!! And those were some fabulous limericks 🙂

  6. I hate being late to your blog
    Too bad that I can’t blame the dog
    These limericks are dandy
    Like internet candy
    They lighten the world wide web smog

    And I’m here at the new site, yay!

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