Um, ouch. But in a good way.

I played basketball tonight for the first time in ???? years.  Full court, two 15-20 minute halves.  Final score 70-something to 60-something.  Not bad, huh?  (I’m pretty sure I made less than 10 points, but I did not die, which felt like a major accomplishment.) It was really fun, but I’m already afraid to wake up in the morning.  There’s nothing like a few sprints up and down the court to remind you you’re not as young and spry as you used to be.

It feels good to do something I used to love and haven’t done for a long time.  Feels good in a my-muscles-might-combust-and-I-may-perish kind of way, but still.

(I could have written about how I’ve had the same dirty dishes in my sink for two days and accidentally forgot to show up to a meeting last night that I was in CHARGE of, but this seemed more satisfying.)

Any basketball fans out there?

I’ve always loved March because I’m a basketball fan, and college basketball is the best of all.

The first time I ever did a March Madness (NCAA tournament) challenge was with my older cousin Todd and all his roommates and buddies.  I was 19 and they were all returned missionaries.  They each put some money in the pot and the winner took all.  Boy, were they embarrassed when they all got beat by a GIRL.

I remember sneaking out of my Latin American History class in March to run home and watch some of the Final Four games.  I even left all my books and papers and backpack at my desk to make it “look” like I was just running to the bathroom or something, but I really went off campus all the way over to a friend’s apartment to watch the game and then went back later to recover my items.

I love to challenge friends to make bracket picks, and I’m competitive about it.  It’s fun. I love it.  Especially if I win.  And even though I don’t watch any of the regular season games anymore (Children seriously altered my TV watching habits), I still love to make tournament picks and watch the March Madness tournament games as much as I can.

So, anybody want to play along?  The NCAA brackets were all just announced and the first round of games starts on Thursday.  I created a group at CBS called Cyber Moms.  Go in and make your picks.  Trust me, it’s fun, even if you have no idea who the teams are.  I’ll come up with some awesome prize for the winner.  (Let’s be honest, it will probably be chocolate and some of my favorite books, but I’ll try to spice it up a little.)

Go to this link, create your own user name and make your bracket picks.  You’ll automatically be a part of the CyberMoms group.  The password is momsrule.  C’mon, it’ll be a blast!!  I’ll try really hard not to trash talk anyone.  Please?

(Matt, you’re invited, too, of course!  And my brother, and anyone else who wants to play along even if you’re not a mommy blogger.)