The blog awakens. (Sort of…)

blog announcement

Well, I took a blogging break for over a year, and now I’m ready to make a fresh (albeit more low-key) start. I loved my years here at Diapers and Divinity, but I’ve kind of outgrown that brand a little bit (I feel a wave of relief when I shop in Costco and walk past all the diapers and wipes), but I still sometimes need a place to write. Writing things down helps me process what I’m thinking and it gives me a journal-like record of the happenings of this heart of mine.

So if you have any interest in following along, you’re invited to Word to the Wise, my new website/blog. You can subscribe there by email, or continue to follow along on my Facebook author page.

Either way, thanks for always being a safe place for my words to land. xoxo