Any basketball fans out there?

I’ve always loved March because I’m a basketball fan, and college basketball is the best of all.

The first time I ever did a March Madness (NCAA tournament) challenge was with my older cousin Todd and all his roommates and buddies.  I was 19 and they were all returned missionaries.  They each put some money in the pot and the winner took all.  Boy, were they embarrassed when they all got beat by a GIRL.

I remember sneaking out of my Latin American History class in March to run home and watch some of the Final Four games.  I even left all my books and papers and backpack at my desk to make it “look” like I was just running to the bathroom or something, but I really went off campus all the way over to a friend’s apartment to watch the game and then went back later to recover my items.

I love to challenge friends to make bracket picks, and I’m competitive about it.  It’s fun. I love it.  Especially if I win.  And even though I don’t watch any of the regular season games anymore (Children seriously altered my TV watching habits), I still love to make tournament picks and watch the March Madness tournament games as much as I can.

So, anybody want to play along?  The NCAA brackets were all just announced and the first round of games starts on Thursday.  I created a group at CBS called Cyber Moms.  Go in and make your picks.  Trust me, it’s fun, even if you have no idea who the teams are.  I’ll come up with some awesome prize for the winner.  (Let’s be honest, it will probably be chocolate and some of my favorite books, but I’ll try to spice it up a little.)

Go to this link, create your own user name and make your bracket picks.  You’ll automatically be a part of the CyberMoms group.  The password is momsrule.  C’mon, it’ll be a blast!!  I’ll try really hard not to trash talk anyone.  Please?

(Matt, you’re invited, too, of course!  And my brother, and anyone else who wants to play along even if you’re not a mommy blogger.)


10 thoughts on “Any basketball fans out there?

  1. I am not a huge sportsfan, but I did dreally get into baseball when the Diamonsbacks were in the world series. So I understand the hook it can have.
    Is BYU the only collage where you would feel safe leaving your stuff? I would have never done that at ASU.

  2. Our family does a bracket challenge every year. There are about 28 of us. We have hosted a party at our house on Championship Monday. I post all the sheets on one of the walls in my kitchen. We watch the game and it makes for a late night–it was especially tough when I taught Seminary ; )

    I love our rules especially “no one is allowed to be a whiner” And “Have fun and remember your only prize is bragging rights”. One of my son-in-laws is a referee (and does high school and college games) so one of them was made for him–the decision of the refs is final–so no whining about the refs.

    I may have to join your group. Enjoy the games–I know I will.

  3. Not only do I not have a clue about websites, I haven’t watched Basket Ball for about 44 years. Yeah, I’m older than that by 20 years 🙂

    Now if you want to talk about painting BIG oil paintings, I rock, so I’m not a total loss.

    I hope you win… I’ll be rooting for you

  4. This is the first year in . . . WOW! 15 years? that I haven’t done a bracket. And it’s because I’m in mourning for my beloved Tarheels, who flushed themselves down the crapper this year. PAINFULLY! Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

    My husband used to be a Duke fan. My parents both went to Carolina. You know how this ends, right?

    When my dad found out, he took me aside and said, in all seriousness, “You know he’s a Duke fan, right?” I just waved him off. And then basketball season started and we would get late night calls from my parents singing the Carolina fight song if the rivalry went our way.

    All that changed just a few years ago, thanks very much to JJ Reddick, who single-handedly turned my husband away from the darkside and now, happily, my entire family cheers for the same team.

    Football? We’re BYU fans all the way. But basketball? Well, let’s just say I hope my alma mater never plays the ‘Heels because I can’t say you would be proud of my choice.

  5. I’m not a cyber “mom”, but I think that this is pretty darned cool that there are moms out there into this. I love March Madness, but 50% of that is the 7 layer dip my mom makes for it.

    Cool blog, btw. Hope you don’t mind a dad stopping by.

  6. I love basketball too. But the first time I ever even HEARD of March Madness was while we were living in California, and a guy whose dad happened to be one of the really big coaches moved into our ward. They don’t just do a bracket — they actually FLY to every game during March Madness.

    And you’ll love this — He tells the story of how they joined the church thusly: His dad was hired as an assistant coach at Utah State. They walked into a Mormon church almost by accident, and when they saw the full-court basketball court in the cultural hall, they turned to each other and said, “We’ve found the true church!”

    (Of course now they’re totally stalwart and he’s been in two stake presidencies.)

  7. It’s kind of funny.. I’m really not much of a basketball fan. This is made especially apparent when I, inadvertently, scheduled a trip to visit an old college roommate for this weekend. We’re going to hang out and do a bunch of stuff we’re both excited about (none of which includes any sports.. unless you count hiking). It’ll be a fabulous weekend!

    My husband is thrilled. This way, while I’m not around to witness it, he can watch basketball (and eat pizza) to his hearts content without any snickering from the peanut gallery 🙂 Everybody wins!

    Hope your brackets do well!!

  8. I’ve never done a bracket. I enjoy watching basketball (though I prefer playing it), and every year I get excited to watch Syracuse play, but I’m afraid I’m not into it enough to take the plunge into bracketdom. Good luck!

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