Um, ouch. But in a good way.

I played basketball tonight for the first time in ???? years.  Full court, two 15-20 minute halves.  Final score 70-something to 60-something.  Not bad, huh?  (I’m pretty sure I made less than 10 points, but I did not die, which felt like a major accomplishment.) It was really fun, but I’m already afraid to wake up in the morning.  There’s nothing like a few sprints up and down the court to remind you you’re not as young and spry as you used to be.

It feels good to do something I used to love and haven’t done for a long time.  Feels good in a my-muscles-might-combust-and-I-may-perish kind of way, but still.

(I could have written about how I’ve had the same dirty dishes in my sink for two days and accidentally forgot to show up to a meeting last night that I was in CHARGE of, but this seemed more satisfying.)


9 thoughts on “Um, ouch. But in a good way.

  1. I just started playing basketball again too! I love it! And I’ve really missed it. And I decided this morning that nothing discourages me more than laundry. If I could take that element out of my life, I think I would be a whole different person. A jolly one.

  2. I’ve been playing soccer with my kids when the weather permits. At least I have the excuse that I’m pregnant when I get tired (too easily!). It s been a lot of fun to show them tricks I learned as a teenager that they never knew I could do!

  3. Yeah, that’s awesome! I for one have never been good at basketball AT ALL.

    And my sink is full of 2 day old (maybe 3 day old) dishes too… somethings are just more important.

    I hope you can get out of bed tomorrow… 🙂
    I love when you said:
    “Feels good in a my-muscles-might-combust-and-I-may-perish kind of way, but still.” ha ha ha ha hahahahahaha

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