Mid-week Mind Dump

Just some stuff that’s been filling up my brain:

  1. I stay up too late at night.  It hurts the next day, but I love the quiet time after the kids are in bed. No matter how disciplined I try to convince myself to be, I never go to bed early.
  2. Getting children out the door for school in the morning is really like herding cats, only more slow-motion.  Maybe everyone needs an earlier bedtime.
  3. I do not want winter to come. Curses to cold weather.
  4. Natalie and I watch Cupcake Wars together.  Yesterday she told me her strategy for making a cupcake for a particular challenge:  mixing seaweed with cotton candy flavoring and pulling sugar to make a box car to put on top.  She’s 4.  I’ll start saving now for culinary school.
  5. Speaking of saving, I have a lot of great ideas for Christmas gifts this year.  Unfortunately, I have no money to buy any of them.  That whole thing about “it’s the thought that counts” is totally bogus.
  6. Yesterday was my mother’s birthday.  My mom is a wonderful woman.  You should meet her because everyone who does automatically has a better chance of getting into heaven.  Happy Birthday, mom.  I love you.
  7. I did something yesterday that I don’t remember ever doing before in my life– JOG for 40 minutes.  It wasn’t pretty, and I think I walk faster than I jog.  Cue the apocalypse.
  8. I need to drink more water.  Like going to bed early, I’ve been telling myself to do it for years.  But I don’t.  I’m surprised all my innards haven’t shriveled up by now.
  9. I really like the Preach My Gospel manual.  I’ve been studying it for an ongoing Relief Society activity/class I teach, and it’s been a great way to fuel my scripture study.
  10. I decided I’m going to start re-memorizing all the scripture mastery scriptures.  Between this website and a scripture mastery app for my phone, it’s pretty easy.  I’ve only done 1 Nephi 3:7 and 1 Nephi 19:23 so far, plus 2 Nephi 2:25 and D&C 10:5 with my kids, but I’m feeling it.
  11. Does anyone have a perfect bread machine recipe for whole wheat bread?  My sister sent me one, but I’ve ruined it twice.  It’s me, not her.  Recipes for Dummies are recommended.
  12. Tuesdays are my crank-out-the-laundry days, which means I get to watch lots of TV while I fold and sort clothes.  I’m pretty much all caught up on my shows now, which currently include The Biggest Loser, The Sing-off, Cupcake wars, Sweet Genius, Top Chef: Just Desserts and Chopped.  Um, all but one are food shows, mainly desserts.  Do you think they cancel out a 40-minute jog?  Great.
  13. I’m in charge of Grant’s Halloween class party, but I delegated out the entire thing, and all I have to do is show up.  That rocks.  I really did try to help out, but all the volunteers were so dang ambitious, and hey, more power to ’em.

Dump complete.


11 thoughts on “Mid-week Mind Dump

  1. Hey, I just realized that I have that app. I think this is a great idea and I am going to try also. I memorized Nephi 3:7 this morning. I will keep working on the second one and hopefully have it done by tonight. I love the fact that the app takes away a few words at a time so that you can memorize it easily. Thanks so much for reminding me of it. I probably should start the girls on these too!

  2. There an app for that? Silly question. I’m going to start re-memorizing today! And amen to the more sleep and more water. Good job jogging, too.

    I need to brain dump.

  3. I like the rememorizing idea. That sounds like a good one. I ‘ll put it on my to do list, and hopefully, it won’t get moved to the later list before I actually do it. Whenever I tried being in charge of school parties, I always had a take over mom, and I would always let her do it. It’s just easier that way.

  4. That was fun to read. 🙂 And, I want to know what the app is. I’ve been thinking about memorizing some scriptures again as well (confernece influence; it rocks! ;). Thanks!
    Corine 😀

  5. So what’s the app?!

    I’ll tell you the dorky thing I’ve been doing to drink more water the past week. Dorky, but it works. I set the timer on my phone for a set amount (every hour, or 90 minutes) and as soon as it goes off, chug some water and reset the timer. Ta-Da! I’m good at drinking water in the morning, but not after 11 or so or for the rest of the day. This has been working well.

    Do you have a wheat grinder? Here’s what I do…put in your bread maker, in this order: 1 1/3 c warm water, 1 1/2 t salt, 3T vital wheat gluten, 1 T dough enhancer, 3T honey (you can do 2T-5T to taste), 2 T oil, and 3 1/2 cups flour (freshly ground wheat, or bread flour, or any combination of the two). On the top: 1 T yeast. Everything should be at room temp or slightly warmer, except the warm water.

    My trick: set it for the dough cycle. When it’s done, stick it in a greased bread pan, and set the oven to 350. When the oven is preheated, put the bread in for 35 minutes.

    I’m not a big fan of the bread machine crust or the big hole in the bottom, so that’s what I do and it works well. Good luck. If you want bread making lessons, I can do a girls night. 🙂

  6. I am with you on all of that…except I didn’t even know that The Biggest Loser was on until last night so I am not caught up on all my shows…I hardly ever get to watch TV lately so when I do I have to admit I am catching up on the news (Fox news to be exact), & Decoded (I am really loving that show!). I need to meet your mom because I need all the help I can get. Happy b-day to your mom! I have yet to find a good wheat bread recipe too…I used to (as in before homeschooling because now I don’t have time) drink lots of water and haven’t been lately. I get headaches when I don’t so you think that would make me just drink it already!!! We need to memorize scriptures too. I loved that at Conference when…someone…said something…about a new friend? Something very cool about memorizing scriptures! I guess I need to go back and read my notes…Okay enough brain decluttering (that is my version of your brain dump). Basically just wanted to say: love these kind of posts because I can totally relate. 🙂

  7. Your funny…I also stay up too late and I am a Zombie in the morning. Fortunately my children are all old enough to pretty much get themselves ready but they often need rides…I think I need to go to bed earlier as well. Thanks for sharing Stephanie, this is much better than a reality show. 😀

  8. I do drink enough water but may I just say that it’s incredibly challenging when you are out in public with small children. I have to time my water around errands, etc. It’s complicated.

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