Find-A-Friend Friday: Starring You!

I had a gap in my scheduling today, so I think it’s your turn to be spotlighted.

Write a Find-a-Friend Friday post all about you on your own blog and then come put the link to the post in the comments below.  It’s like a super-blast, friend-finding Friday.

Instructions below:  Cut and paste on your blog.  Copy the little graphic above if you want, too.

Hi! Paragraph:  Basic Stats– name, age, location, family, etc. …. as much as you’re comfortable sharing.

History paragraph:  Name a few key elements of your background…. Where from, family you grew up in, education, (past) career, mission, etc.

***Questions: There are 20 random questions listed below.  Pick at least five, but up to twelve you’d like the answer the most.  (I prefer that you include #4 and #12, but I’m not the boss of you.  :))  You can do it in any order.

1.     What’s your favorite part of motherhood?

2.     What part of motherhood would you subcontract out if you could?

3.     Name 2 or 3 items on your “bucket list.”  (Some things you’d like to do before you die.)

4.     Brag for a minute.  Do it.  What are a few things that you’re pretty good at?

5.     What are you loving lately?

6.     Do you have a favorite scripture or quote?  Why?

7.     What do you gravitate toward during your unscheduled time?

8.     Tell us some of your best mom-tricks  (things you’ve figured out that work well for you).

9.     What’s something you don’t usually want people to know about you, but that they need to know if they’re going to be your friend?

10. If you were in charge of a girls’ night out, what kind of activity would you love to plan?

11. Friends are great for venting.  What’s been frustrating you lately?

12. What parts of your testimony are you the most sure of?

13.  Desert Island Question.  If you were stranded on a desert island (most moms would actually crave this) and could only take 3 items with you, what would they be?

14.  If you were awarded an “honorary degree” in something, what should it be and why?

15.  Let’s say you’re dying in your sleep tonight.  What would you eat for your last meal?

16.  What homemaking job/task gives you the most satisfaction?

17.  Give your best advice to a newlywed or expectant mom.

18.  What’s something unexpected in your life, and how have you dealt with it?

19.  If your life had a theme song, what would it be and why?

20.  If you could make a pie chart (graph) of your thoughts during the last week or so, what would take up most of the space?

Write away.  Remember to come leave a link to the post in the comments. I’ll read every one for sure.  Looking forward to it.  Ready? Set. Go!