GCBC Week 5: “Doing the Right Thing…” by Elder José L. Alonso

What I remember the most from this talk was the story about losing their son in Mexico City.  I’ve lost my son Clark before at Disney World, the Minnesota Zoo, and Mall of America, so I could understand their panic, and their desperate reliance on prayer.  This is a great talk to go back and read again. What most stood out to me was the concept of acting quickly to do what we know we should do.  I also was struck by the importance of reaching out to others in rescue.

Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time, without Delay by Elder José L. Alonso

“I know that our Heavenly Father is loving, understanding, and patient. His Son, Jesus Christ, likewise loves us. They render help to us through Their prophets. I have learned that there is great safety in following the prophets. “The rescue” is still going on. President Monson said: ‘The Lord expects our thinking. He expects our action. He expects our labors. He expects our testimonies. He expects our devotion.’”

What stood out to you in this talk?  Please share your insights in the comments.

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