General Conference Trivia Contest and Photo Contest

Good heavens, this has been a busy week on the blog.  After all this conference hooplah is over (I love it), I might crawl under a rock for a while.  Send chocolate.

Anyway, this is the third post in the last 24 hours.  And frankly, it’s all fantastic stuff, so don’t miss week one of General Conference book club or the chance to participate in a General Conference blog-share.  Today however (This is the last thing, I promise), Lesa from Notes About Music and I are hosting a general conference trivia contest.


It is kind of a long list of questions, but I hope you have fun doing it.  Send me your answers via email at  Submit your answers by Wednesday night at midnight.  Winners will be announced on Thursday.  All the high-scorers will be placed in a drawing to win one of these two prizes (So, two winners).:

An 8×10 temple print by Brighter Side Art and this Mormon Tabernacle Choir CD

Clickety-Click right here to get the trivia questions.


Here are some photos of my family during general conference.  Please do not click on the photo of me wearing my pajamas.  (You’re totally not going to obey me, are you?)

If you took a photo of your family or children watching/participating in conference, email it to me at  I will post them all and select a handful of favorites to go up for a vote.  The winner of the photo contest will receive the book Believe in what you’re doing…  by Hilary Weeks.

Submit your photo by Tuesday night at midnight, then all photos and finalists will be posted some time Wednesday for voting.  Please put the word PHOTO in the subject line of your email.


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