GCBC Week 24: Charity Never Faileth

Guess what?  We did it.  We finished all four sessions of general conference.  To those of you who made it this far and are still hanging with us, congratulations!  For the next two weeks, we’re going to study some of my favorite talks from the General Relief Society session and the Priesthood session.  This week’s talk is my all-time favorite talk ever by President Monson.  I loved it.  I watched it on TV and I can still remember exactly how I felt as I lay on my couch and listened to his prophetic counsel.  He nailed something that women really struggle with.  It’s a fantastic talk, and well worth your study time this week:

“Charity Never Faileth”
by President Thomas S. Monson


“Rather than being judgmental and critical of each other, may we have the pure love of Christ for our fellow travelers in this journey through life.”

Share in the comments some things you learned or appreciated as you studied this talk.  If this is your first time visiting the General Conference Book Club, click here for more information.


6 thoughts on “GCBC Week 24: Charity Never Faileth

  1. I love that talk. President Monson shares such sweet, personal anecdotes. The Savior taught in parables, and I have always appreciated the way President Monson tells stories that I can relate to, that make me smile/cry, but linger in my mind, allowing me to ponder them again and again.

  2. I love the stories of President Monson, this was a beautiful talk. Something that I think we all need to be reminded of once in a while.

  3. What a truly wonderful message. I think we are all subject to this and even a little prone to categorize others. I just wish that as fellow women, we could take a step back. Support rather than tear down. Help or serve rather than gossip and assume. Accept and appreciate rather than judge and envy. What mountains we could move, what good could be done, what miracles we could perform.

    And I noticed the kind and gentle way in which he reminded us the different between gossip and serving and support.

    We all should have this on our reading/listening rotation weekly. LOL

  4. Amen to everything he said.

    When we (women) work together, there isn’t anything we can’t accomplish. When we spend our time criticizing and judging, we go nowhere.

  5. It was beautiful. And I believe I ought to listen to it a few more times–so much to learn. Loving, forgiving, accepting, and reaching out. I liked the story about the woman in the photograph who was chosen to represent her group and the story about the old man; how different life would be if we saw each other’s spirits.

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