Dear cool people, I like you. Love, Stephanie

Sometimes when I do dumb things like read the news or people watch too much, I start to lose my faith in humanity.  I want to create this little vacuum for me and my children to live in so that they don’t grow up and become idiots.  However, then I get the chance to interact with wonderful people and it restores my hope in mankind.  Actually, it’s usually womankind, but we all know that’s what makes the world go around anyway.  (Note to suspicious readers:  there is no secret agenda in that previous comment.  I’m just feeling a tiny bit snarky.)  That is what happened this last weekend when I got to go on my long-awaited girls night out.  I loved it.  It made me happy.  And, of course, I will tell you why.

This was such a modge-podge of good people:  some I’ve known for years, some I’ve just met since I moved here, some I’ve met through blogging, and some I had never even met before in my life.  And guess what they all had in common?  Awesomeness.  They are just straight up good women.  See, look at them:

Oh, gee.  It looks like even though I took two cameras with me, I TOTALLY FORGOT to take a single picture.  I’m not sure I can forgive myself.  Just trust me.  They are all VERY lovely.  Here’s a list of the remarkable ladies that came and I tried to make a link to their blogs (if I know it) so that they can visit each other now too.  Because, of course, we all made new friends.  If I didn’t add your blog link and you want to share it, leave it in the comments and I’ll add the link.

Cheryl , Heidi, Maria, Lisa and Madison, Kim, Amber (and a friend), Cathy, Amy, Julie, Sidnie, Ashley (and her two sisters.), Karen (private blog, right?) , Chelley, and Gentrey.   There were others slated to come who didn’t make it, and we just want to let you know we REALLY missed you and hope you can come next time.  I’m pretty sure there will be a next time because it was some much-needed fun.

We met up for dinner and had some lovely chats about stuff down in our hearts like family, adoption, goals, challenges, etc., and you’d think we’d all known each other for decades.  Let it be noted that I ordered a piece of cake that was bigger than my head.  Even with the help of several generous volunteers, I was not able to finish it.  Then we went and saw the play Persuasion at BYU, which was really, really fun to watch, despite the awkward man seated behind us who laughed way too often and way too loud.

Overall, it was a very charming night.  There are some people who I didn’t get to talk to and visit with as much as I would have liked, so I hope we can get together again and “catch up.”

Anyway, this is a big thanks for being great people and reminding me how much good there is out there in the world.  And that’s true too for those of you who did not come, but still drop in occasionally on this little ol’ blog.  I’m amazed by the extraordinary power of a collection of ordinary people out there who just do good and live life the best they can.  We rock.  What can I say?