GCBC Week 24: Charity Never Faileth

Guess what?  We did it.  We finished all four sessions of general conference.  To those of you who made it this far and are still hanging with us, congratulations!  For the next two weeks, we’re going to study some of my favorite talks from the General Relief Society session and the Priesthood session.  This week’s talk is my all-time favorite talk ever by President Monson.  I loved it.  I watched it on TV and I can still remember exactly how I felt as I lay on my couch and listened to his prophetic counsel.  He nailed something that women really struggle with.  It’s a fantastic talk, and well worth your study time this week:

“Charity Never Faileth”
by President Thomas S. Monson


“Rather than being judgmental and critical of each other, may we have the pure love of Christ for our fellow travelers in this journey through life.”

Share in the comments some things you learned or appreciated as you studied this talk.  If this is your first time visiting the General Conference Book Club, click here for more information.