15 thoughts on ““I am a mother.”

  1. What a great video! I was lucky enough to hear Jane Clayson-Johnson speak at a Time Out For Women event, and she was very sincere and grateful for her calling as a mother.

    I need to remember always that I am not only raising MY children, but I am raising sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father.

    Thanks for sharing this clip!

  2. I have loved this woman since I first read her book a few years ago! I love all that she says. She has inspired me! I know I am a Mother…not just a mom!

  3. Thank-you!!! Lately I have been questioning what it is that I am doing; juggling motherhood (of 7),being a wife,church,work and just finishing off another Uni degree. Recently I decided to take a year off to just enjoy being a wife and mom. I am glad I am a mother.

  4. I started to cry. I have said that on more than one occation, “Oh, I am just a Mom.” Even said with a slightly embarassed grin.

    I am a Mother.

    It is something I am proud of, I should remember that. Thank you for the reminder.

    I am a Mother.

  5. Love it…I have got to go check more of them out. The ones I have seen have all been amazing. Even though all I ever wanted to be was a mother I have still said “I’m just a mom”. I have to admit I have been surprised by people’s responses-in a positive direction, when I have said that. Although so many people are trying to break down the family, there really are so many that still respect the choice to be a Mother. I am a Mother.

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