GCBC Week 22: Avoiding Sin and Addictions

This week we will study two general conference talks,

“Avoiding the Trap of Sin”
by Elder Jairo Mazzagardi

“We must be alert because small choices can bring great consequences . . . What may appear to be of little importance . . . will make us lose sensitivity little by little, allowing us to do worse things.”


“O That Cunning Plan of The Evil One”
by Elder M. Russell Ballard

“If anyone who is addicted has a desire to overcome, then there is a way to spiritual freedom—a way to escape from bondage—a way that is proven. . . . The formula for having our heart, our body, our mind, and our spirit transformed is found in the scriptures.”

What did you learn and/or understand better from these two talks?  What do you think the speakers are asking us to do?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “GCBC Week 22: Avoiding Sin and Addictions

  1. I need to go back and read these 2 to jog my memory…I remember them, yes, but need a reminder since both of these are things I NEED to work on in my life…I am finally going to join GCBC! I have been way to slack in my personal study lately and I know this will help. I will be back to comment when I have some insight…Thanks for all your blog does to remind me how awesome it is to be a women, mother, wife, friend, etc. You pretty much rock. I will be back…

  2. Loved the quote by Elder Mazzagardi “We must be alert because small choices can bring great consequences.” I enjoyed reading both of these talks together, I got the impression that if we can avoid the trap of sin, then we can avoid being lured out of the water by Satan. I got the impression that the brethren were asking us to pray and pray fervently. Pray for the strength to resit temptation and to follow the Lord’s plan.

  3. E. Mazzagardi used the word “sneaky” to describe Satan. It’s so true. I can avoid some of the ‘big’ things (drugs, alcohol, etc.) without much effort these days, but the smaller, sneakier ways that Satan uses to draw me away from the Spirit are a daily battle. Criticism, judgment of others, feeling vengeful instead of forgiving–they seem minor, but they build up around us until they choke out our ability to feel the Spirit.

  4. I am new here, but this is so great. I liked reading these talks together and they went so well with the talk by Elder Packer also. I think what was emphasized, not just in these talks, but in the whole conference, was the power of prayer and priesthood. I think that God is calling me to have the power, not just the form, of Godliness in my life. Prayer and priesthood is the power of God.

    Elder Mazzagardi wrote that we lose sensitivity little by little by doing small things, such as not praying for a day or skipping a fast. He even suggested that we lose the sensitivity by going to bed late, in my experience it doesn’t even matter if we sleep later the next morning, messing with our sleep makes it harder for us to focus. This is how Satan deceives us, one prayer isn’t a big deal, staying up late isn’t even a sin. All of this is giving in to the natural man, which we are commanded to overcome because this is how our spirits dull to the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

    Elder Ballard said, “Our love for our Father in Heaven and the Lord Jesus Christ needs to be reflected in our daily choices and actions.” This is to say that the small things we do all day matter as well as the big choices we make. We covenant every week to always remember Him, we demonstrate this by making good choices and demonstrating our love for Him.

    I know I didn’t articulate this very well, but I am much better at speaking than writing. I think discussing in this way will help me with this.


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