Blog post, light.

Things have been a little heavy on D&D lately (that’s Diapers and Divinity, not Dungeons and Dragons, although we do have that How To Train Your Dragon party going on tomorrow), so I thought I’d focus today on some of the lighter day-to-day stuff.

  • I’ve done P90X for 3 days and I’m still alive.  I’m pretty sure that means I’m doing it wrong.  I’m even kind of doing the diet portion of it, which is basically focusing on healthy foods and avoiding fats, sweets, etc.  Not rocket science, but just as hard.
  • Isn’t that mine rescue business in Chile so cool (except for the ding-dong who invited his mistress and his wife to the rescue)?  My favorite quote from the event: ‎”I think I had extraordinary luck. I was with God and with the devil. And I reached out for God.” – Mario Sepulveda, rescued miner.
  • I finally watched last week’s episode of Project Runway, and I just don’t understand why people are so mean.  If you’re really as talented as you claim you are, can’t you rely on the merit of your own work without trying to throw everyone around you down?
  • My friend Shantel is coming to visit me today from Minnesota.  I’m really excited to have a visitor who’s a good friend, who knows me, and I can have some quality girl time with.  So far the only thing on the schedule is taking her to Cafe Rio (that is totally not in the P90X rules, and I don’t care.)
  • Grant wrote a book about spiders and made 20 copies of it because he’s sure all his friends will want to buy one.  I tried to tell him they probably don’t want to spend their money on facts about spiders that he wrote in his notebook, but I felt mean.  Anyone in the market for a real masterpiece?
  • Natalie has another UTI.  Can you guess how happy I am about that?  We’re getting a referral to Primary Children’s Hospital and I’m hoping we can work with a pediatric urologist that can figure out why this keeps happening.  (She’s been to the hospital three times in Minneapolis for testing and it always comes back normal.)
  • No matter how hard I try, I can never get all my laundry done in one day.  I even have that mega-sized washing machine now, so it shouldn’t be that hard.  I think I have domestic ADD.
  • I’m liking the fall sunshine.  The view out my window right now is lovely.
  • I need more sleep.
  • Last night, Matt got stuck in traffic so I had to coach the first 25 minutes of Grant’s flag football practice.  I did a fine job if I do say so myself.  I guess that intramural flag football team I was on at BYU paid off.
  • Did you know that you can download all the music from general conference as .mp3 files to put on your iPod?  I love it for Sundays.  Here’s a link to download it all, or you can get individual songs at  Click on “Show Music” at the top.

Have a great weekend everyone!


17 thoughts on “Blog post, light.

  1. Isn’t this weather lovely? September and October make the whole rest of the year worth it.

    Good luck at PCMC. We’ve spent lots of quality time there in the last few years. I used to joke that we’d seen every specialist there was, but we have yet to see any urologists. I hope they can figure out what’s going on soon.

    And flag football coaching? I’m totally impressed.

  2. I totally agree with you about the Project Runway thing! I like Mondo a lot. I liked that he apologized to Michael C. after he was rude to him. 🙂 My husband, who has pretty horrible fashion sense, secretly likes to watch the show with me and he stalked all of the contestants on facebook. There are tons of pictures of Michael C and Mondo hanging out together, so I think they are pretty good friends now. 🙂

    P.S. I’m hosting a blog hop party on my blog tomorrow with the theme of “Have I Done Any Good in the World Today?” – check out the details if you’re interested:

  3. Steph, poor Natalie…. I went through that scenario myself for YEARS. Always went in for a UTI, based on my symptoms, they would prescribe antibiotics, it would go away for awhile, but in a month or two I’d get another one. I tried to cut down on salt and sugar (I’ve heard those can aggravate UTI’s). I also took cranberry extract everyday. And I drank LOTS of water, only water (no soda or juice or anything). None of this made a difference. One day I was complaining about my plight to Zeke’s aunt. She asked me if I’ve ever gotten test results back from the urine culture to see if I actually had an infection… what? My doctor never called me to say what the test results were, so I just assumed they were positive for an infection… right? wrong! I called my doctor to find out test results from the last 3 or 4 “UTI’s” and guess what? The urine cultures all came back negative — meaning no infection, meaning I shouldn’t be on antibiotics! wow! So I read up on something called “interstitial cystitis” (there’s a good write up on and this is exactly what I have, it feel just like a real UTI for sure. It took awhile to regulate my body and I take ibuprofen when I’m having an inflammation, but my “episodes” only happen once or twice a year now (instead of once or twice a month!) I think the doctors just assume it’s a true UTI and put you on antibiotics and I think that messes up the good/bad bacteria balance in your body and can lead to further episodes. Now I’m not saying that is what Natalie has, but you should check into it. Poor little thing, that is THE worst!

  4. Oh Poor Natalie. And poor you – I hate when there’s something wrong that I can’t fix (maybe you are a little less of a control freak than I am).

    And I am looking for some friends that get me to come and visit. Do you think your friend would like to make a quick stopover in AZ?

  5. Oh missy….domestic ADD…I am so there with you! And UTI’s are the worst in little ones. After my kiddo had a few, I took her in for a culture anytime she hiccupped, because my doctor put the fear of her kidneys failing into me. She’s 5 now and thankfully has outgrown the bladder reflux that caused it. I hope PCMC can do something for your sweet girl. (We ARE in Zion, so chances are pretty good;) My fingers are crossed for you.

  6. Oh, poor Natalie! How frustrating for the both of you, especially since the doctors cannot find an explanation.

    I am so glad you aren’t dead. (Hee hee.)

    Have fun with your friend!!!

  7. Hey, hope you’re surviving your week ok. I haven’t done the GCBC yet, I really want to do it when the kids are asleep and I can give it my full attention. Then again, maybe that’s me putting too much pressure on myself to be all churchy. Sad, I know, that this intimidates me. You post a new one every Sunday, right? I just need to chill and enjoy the message.

    My husband finally read your post “Big Fat Chicken” like I asked him to. He really enjoyed your writing and said, “I can tell why you like her so much.” Sometimes, Steph, you really make my day.

  8. I too had oodles of UTIs as a kid. It drove my parents NUTS. They finally did a real-time x-ray thingy and found some funky anatomy that basically kept urine from passing as quickly as it should. I remember going in every year until I was about 11 and having to get an IV of x-ray juice, which I then got to watch on the screen as my body processed it. It was just to make sure it wasn’t getting worse, since a good set of kidneys is rather useful:) As I grew taller, the issue resolved itself.

  9. I can’t get all my laundry done in one day either. Wish I had a mega size washer, but then my dryer wouldn’t handle that very well. Cafe Rio, can’t argue with that.

  10. “Domestic ADD” – Ha! That is SO ME

    I love the Chilean miner quote! Added that to my Facebook.

    You are the 5th person today, and the 10th person since Monday I’ve heard about P90X from. It must be a sign.

    People are always mean to others when they dislike themselves.

    Truly sorry about your daughter – we are going through a similar frustration with our daughter & an undiagnosed medical problem. So, I empathize. Never discount your mothers intuition, and don’t give up!

    THANK YOU for the direct link to the music download!

    Keep your face turned to the sun and everything always works out!

    Love, MoSop

  11. a) It’s so hard to deal with girls and that “part” of their body. I hate having to watch them get a catheter or deal with it. I’m sorry.
    b) I don’t see a lot of meanness on the last post, did I miss any?
    c) Weren’t there other posts on my feed reader?
    d) I think you are an amzing woman. 🙂

  12. I never was on top of my laundry until I stopped trying to be on top of my laundry, and instead started doing one load every single day. (This is a Flylady idea. I didn’t subscribe to Flylady but learned it from my sister when she did.)

    I don’t actually always get a load in on my busiest days, and sometimes I try to get ahead by doing several loads, but once I learned to think of laundry as a constant work-in-progress and made it a regular part of my day, like running the dishwasher, I’ve never been quite so far behind.

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