General Conference Book Club Week 1: Your Favorites

Wasn’t it fantastic?
Don’t you feel like you want to remember everything you learned and felt?

Join us this time around in our General Conference Book Club. We will study one talk each week until the next Conference in April. We can discuss them in the comments, share our insights, and express our testimonies. It’s a way to encourage and uplift one another, and a pacemaker for your personal gospel study. Click here for more information on how GCBC works.

Today, at the close of General Conference, President Monson gave us this challenge:

“Take the time to read the conference talks. . . . They are deserving of our careful study.”

Tune in tomorrow for our General Conference trivia contest and a meme post you can cut and paste onto your own blog to discuss your personal Conference favorites. (More details here.)

So for week one, as we wait for all the talk texts to be posted, please share in the comments below some of the highlights for you as you watched General Conference this weekend— messages, impressions, testimony, favorites, etc.  What things stand out most in your mind and heart?