It’s (like) an Awards Show!

It’s time to announce the winner of the trivia contest, and the 5,000th commenter.  Watch this exciting show for the dramatic reveal (and a special challenge for any of you who participated in the meme):    Sorry the video is in two pieces;  I had a little technical difficulty.

Here are the links if you can’t see the videos on my blog:  part 1 and part 2

Congratulations to the winners!! Send me an email with your address and I will mail your prizes later this week.  🙂

Here are the answers to the trivia questions: (If you think I got something wrong, please just be forgiving.  The questions were based on my copious notes, and there were about 10 other people who got all the same answers, so I feel like it’s pretty accurate.)

1.  Name two of the new temples that were announced.  Hartford, Connecticut; Indianapolis, Indiana; Tijuana, Mexico; Urdaneta, Philippines; and Lisbon, Portugal

2.  What did President Monson ask young couples to begin preparing for now?  missions as senior couples

3.  Two different speakers based their talk on the same previous talk about Following the Prophet.  Who gave it originally?  Ezra Taft Benson

4. Elder McConkie said that “what matters most in learning is the attitude of  ..(whom). “? the teacher

5.  According to President Uctdorf, in family relationships, love is spelled ……T-I-M-E ?

6.  What happened to Elder Hales as a young boy when his dad asked him to varnish the floor?  he painted himself into a corner

7.   President Brigham Young once said that moving to (where?) was “out of the frying pan into the fire, and out of the fire onto the floor.”  Utah , Salt Lake Valley

8.  One young missionary offered to marry Elder Gong’s wife after she did what?  baked him bread

9.  President Packer told parents to “Wake up and understand what’s going on!”  What plague was he referring to?  pornography

10.  What did the children in one elementary school decide to vote on during show and tell?  (from President Packer’s talk)  the gender of the kitty

11.  President Monson told the story of a family who lost all their crops due to rain, but were still grateful.  What did they eat for their Thanksgiving dinner? jackrabbit and turnips (marked it right if you got at least one of these)

12.  Elder Bednar told a story about Joseph Smith speaking to the President of the United States.  When he inquired about the difference between our religion and others, what was one of the points Joseph answered him?  mode of baptism, or gift of the Holy Ghost

13.  Elder Malm spoke about a hollow tree he saw lining a street in Sweden.  What did he see when he looked inside the hole?  waste/trash

14.  Elder Allred told his wife’s story about working on a farm.  What happened that caused her to exclaim, “You stupid cow!!”?  the cow ate the wheat outside of the fence so it bloated (and then died)

15.  Elder Ballard compared Satan’s tricks and counterfeits to what outdoor sport?  fly fishing

Matching— topic to speaker:
16.  The consecrated life   D.  Elder D. Todd Christofferson
17.  Choose faith      C.  Bishop Richard C. Edgely
18.  Character and integrity  A. Elder Richard G. Scott
19.  Courageous parenting   B. Elder Larry Lawrence
20.  Trust in God  E.  President Henry B. Eyring

TIEBREAKER:  Which speaker lost his voice in the middle of his talk?  President Uchtdorf (did anyone notice that they edited that part out on the video archive?)