Give me a sign.

I came downstairs the other day and found this paper on the playroom floor:


At first I didn’t know what to think, so I decided to assume it was a spelling error.

After much thought, I realized that my children were beginning to take after me.  You may recall these photos from previous posts:




I make signs.  To quote my earlier post… “When something does not make me happy, I make a sign.  Oh yeah?… Well, (scribble, scribble, grab tape, slap on wall) take that!”

Oh, and charts, too.  Here’s what my kitchen wall looks like now, with daily schedules for each of my children.  (Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as prison camp as it might appear.)


So, I figured out pretty quickly that the party, thank goodness, was really for making signs, not sins.

And when I came home later that day after some child-free errands, that’s when I knew for sure that my children were becoming little mini-MEs in training.  Behold the party favors I found on walls (and refrigerators) throughout my home:


Sigh.  I love my kids.


25 thoughts on “Give me a sign.

  1. I love it…glad sins was a spelling error! 🙂 I make charts too they often have about a two week or less life span at my house and then they just become part of the decor. Oh well I’ll just keep trying!

  2. So what is that last one? “No Bulimia”? And I’m assuming that the top right one is “Do Not Crack Eggs On Your Brother’s Head When He’s Already Visibly Upset”. Very, very cute.

  3. I clicked over from Mother of the Wild Boys. I love this post! It is so cute how kids take after mom. I am a list maker – they are everywhere. I start each week with a list, I have a continually running grocery list, a chores list, a rules list, etc. and now I see my oldest son making lists. I’m impressed by the signs your kids made — they are learning good things from you, i can tell!

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