A few thoughts that lean heavily on the “Diapers” half of this blog

(little echoing voice:) “Poop or pee?”

Am I the only mother whose children stand outside the bathroom door and want to know exactly what’s going on in there?

Please tell me I’m not.


When your daughter is potty training and is a big-girl-underwear rookie, it is not wise to let her sit on your lap while you type an email.  Just a little advice you’ll thank me for someday.


What does it mean when your husband looks at the dinner you made and says, “Do we have any Beano?”


Why do night-time diapers cost like $1.50 EACH when they are just glorified newborn diapers?  And will my children still wear them in high school?


22 thoughts on “A few thoughts that lean heavily on the “Diapers” half of this blog

  1. Curious little nippers. They are, after all, learning about life, the universe, and what happens behind all kinds of closed doors…

    And the next time your husband tries to pull that kind of comment, I would just smile sweetly and hand him an apron and a spatula and see what he could come up with.

  2. i beleive teenagers would gladly wear diapers if they realized that they could then:

    1) sleep longer
    2) play video games longer
    3) talk on the phone longer

    and who shuts the door to the bathroom? last time i tried that i had a 2 yr old hysterically crying and a 3 yr old trying to kick it down.

  3. My bathroom use creates in my children a burning desire to ask what is for dinner, have me sign permission slips for school, show me an ouchie. Of course, the telephone has a tendency to always ring, too, so I think the universe must want me to learn to avoid the frustration and just “hold it” till all the kids are in school.

  4. I’m with Charlotte. They don’t necessarily even want to be a part of the pottying, they just can’t stand to have a door between us. Even my ten year old can’t stand it and suddenly it is imperative that she speak to me NOW!

    Have you tried having Matt wake the boys up a couple times in the night to go pee? (I say that knowing from past conversations that Matt likes to sleep). But once right before he heads to bed and once in the night might do the trick. With Devon we would just get him up once right before we went to bed (I say we, I mean me) at about 11:00. That would be enough to get him through.

    Good luck, and good luck to Natalie. That’s awesome!

  5. I feel the same way about “nighttime diapers.” Both Tyler and Sydney were 5 (Sydney is still in them) and sleeping so heavily that nothing (including Mother Nature) would wake them up. My two-year-old, on the other hand, totally wakes up . . . but unfortunately, he insists upon getting help. Nightly. Sometimes multiple times at night. I asked Shane, “What did we do when the other ones woke us up?” And then I realized, they didn’t at this age! Not sure which is better!

  6. Honestly, the biggest mistake we make as a society is potty training our children. Sure, it seems like such freedom – no diapers, no wipes, no stinking up the chapel. But the first time your kid announces that he has to go NOW and you’re in the dressing room of Macy’s, and the public restrooms are six miles away in the food court, you are TOTALLY going to miss those diapers.

  7. the potty training thing, i’ve only done it once. noah just turned 3, yes 3, when he decided he was ready (i always just suggested he use the potty…not big on cleaning up accidents around the house). however, soon after he could use the potty during the day, we dropped the diapers at night thing, seemed like diapers and pull-ups just let him know he could go in them. i thought he might be too young to drop night diapers, but he actually surprised me.

  8. I think these questions might not be answered until the eternities, Steph. I’m just sayin’. 🙂 What I’d be interested in knowing is why my children choose to scream at each other or come up with some burning question for me when I’m on the phone. It’s not like I’m on the phone a lot, but as soon as I am, they suddenly need to create noise or become really clingy. It drives me up the wall!

  9. Having a newly potty-trained child, I can totally relate!

    She must always have the details of what I’m doing in the bathroom, she has a strange fixation with using every single public toilet she possible can (shudder), and she’s just recently managed not to pee on me anymore. Phewsh to that.

    BTW. I do not buy the nighttime diapers. I would much rather deal with bedwetting. I suppose that makes me weird, but my kids would never potty train if they new that any type of diaper was in the house.

  10. Wow, Lara is brave.

    If I skipped nite diapers, I would walk into a room with an inch of pee on the floor every morning. Yes, he pees that much in his sleep.

    I laughed through this whole post…which means I could totally relate 🙂

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