General Conference Book Club Week 22: Elder Pearson

02_06_pearsWell, blog book club friends, we only have two more weeks left.  Then the following week will be the General Relief Society Broadcast followed by General Conference Weekend again. I’m quite proud (or “pleased,” as my mother would say) that we’ve been able to study almost all of the talks from the last conference.  It’s not often that I set a goal and stick with it for this long.  Cyber high fives.

This particular talk, “Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ” by Elder Kevin W. Pearson of the Quorum of the Seventy, was given during the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference.  I skimmed over it today, and this phrase caught my eye:

“Challenging times require greater spiritual power.”

That concept has been on my mind lately:  the whole idea that what used to be good enough is no longer enough– we have to try harder to be better.  I’m looking forward to reading more about it.

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4 thoughts on “General Conference Book Club Week 22: Elder Pearson

  1. This was my favorite talk!! This talk answered my prayer of whether or not I should homeschool. This sentence, specifically: “We can give our children education, lessons, athletics, the arts, and material possessions, but if we do not give them faith in Christ, we have given little.”

    Obviously, not everyone got that same answer from that sentence! But I went in to Conference with a question, and this talk answered it! Other moms are really great and know how to teach their children faith in Christ in the evenings and weekends, but I really need all the time I can get with my kids in order to do that. This talk will definitely be one I always remember, because it changed my life!

    I’ll try to come back with any other thoughts, as I re-read it.

  2. “Challenging times require greater spiritual power” brought tears to my eyes. I would have to agree, and say that sometimes the challenging times are because we need to replenish in order to get that “greater spiritual power.”

    I am excited to read this article. I hope and pray that through Stephanie’s last post and this article I can find some strength to overcome my weaknesses.

  3. I heard Elder Pearson give a version of this talk in my ward before Conference–it was just as powerful.

    “We get what we focus on consistently.” So true! It makes me think about where I am putting my mental and physical energy. I also like how he pointed out that while Satan does try to tempt us, most of our problems with faith come from within ourselves–allowing that seed of doubt to take root and begin that slide away from faith in Christ.

  4. I loved the emphasis that our faith must be centered in Christ. Sometimes we/I get too caught up in trying to fix a certain behavior or issue, when really the solution is in Christ.

    I was also struck by the concept that our children know we know when they see us be obedient and when they hear us testify.

    “our net usable faith is what we have left to exercise after we subtract our sources of doubt and disbelief.” Hmm. Just today our Stake president asked, “Do you have room? Can you make room in your heart and in your life to plan some more seeds of faith?” Of course I can.

    “Discouragement comes from missed expectations.” Oh my goodness, is this true for me! I somehow need to reconcile my expectations with faith and hope and not allow myself to get so irritated when things don’t turn out the way I’d envisioned them to be. Like he said, we shouldn’t lower expectations, but there’s got to be some element I’m missing… probably patience. That’s usually the one. 🙂

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