Irony, maniacal laughing, and a pathetic plea

Don’t laugh.  I’m already laughing, and if you start, then I might not be able to stop.  So, am I the only person who thinks it’s ironic that the day after I write my whine-whine-my-life-is-too-busy-and-I-feel-overwhelmed post, I got an email from Motherboard informing me that I’m in the running for the June Spotlight on Mormon Mommy Blogs?  First of all, I didn’t even know I’d been nominated.  But Shantel, who always tries to give me way more credit than I’m due, threw my blog in the mix.  Then sweet Kimberly seconded the nomination.  And apparently it’s a dry month for nominations at MMB because somehow that landed me in the finals.  So now, all these random people are going to be dropping by Diapers and Divinity looking for hilarity and genius (or some other ridiculously exaggerated things my nominators claimed), and what will they get?  A post about how I’m an uninspired schlump, and then my faithful and wonderful readers lick my wounds with all their brilliant ideas and gentle reassurance.

Wow, I can taste the victory already. 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot the pathetic plea part.  Go vote for me.  (The poll is halfway down the sidebar on the right.)  Please.  Thanks.

p.s.  I really DID like that part where my faithful readers lick my wounds and reassured me.  I loved reading all your kind words and great ideas.  Really.  But enough about you, go vote.


8 thoughts on “Irony, maniacal laughing, and a pathetic plea

  1. Oh no! I read 4 out of the 5 blogs! I hate when this happens! In situations like this, I either won’t vote, or I will vote for everyone on a different computer.

    But congrats! You deserve it. I have resigned myself to the fact that I will never be nominated. I think heads might explode.

  2. Congrats on the nomination! Sometimes when I hear stories like this I get a tiny bit jealous..but then I realize it requires effort and work and real blogging…and I feel all better again. That’s too much for me!
    Okay, I’m off to vote….

  3. I think the voting is rigged. You should totally be winning!!

    And sorry I’ve been MIA lately. I’ve needed a little priority check, so I’ve put my blogs into folders (in Google Reader) labeled with each day – I can only read them if it’s their “day”… Oh, except you’re Monday, Wednesday, AND Friday! 🙂 Yep, you’re that special. Haha…

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