General Conference Book Club Week 4: Elder Snow

04_02_snow For week 4, I have selected the talk called “Get On with Our Lives” given in the Sunday morning session of conference by Elder Steven E. Snow.  He acknowledges that all of us struggle with change, and lays out some ways that we can prepare for it and progress through it when it comes.

>>Click here to read the talk “Get On with Our Lives” by Elder Steven E. Snow.<<

The GCBC pattern is:  Read.  Ponder.  Comment.  Then read everyone else’s great comments. 🙂 As in weeks past, just leave your comments here on this post.  The previous weeks’ posts will remain open indefinitely, so you can always return to catch up or revisit those great talks as well.

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I just got into town and I had not yet thought through which talk to choose for this week (By the way, I learned so many great things at Women’s Conference and I can’t wait to share them with you.), so I resorted to a random number generator online to pick a talk.  This one came up.  Initially, I thought “nah, that’s not really what I had in mind,” and almost started over, but then I began to read through it.  I personally am not going through any big changes at the moment, but something stuck out to me that’s in line with a lesson I feel the Spirit has been teaching me lately.  I am learning how important our PROCESS of becoming is.  It might even be more important than the actual becoming.  I guess I’ll restrain myself and save all my input for the comments section after I’ve read more thoroughly.  Can’t wait to hear what you have to say.  Thanks so much to all of you that have been so enthusiastic about this GCBC; it’s been great for me.

(p.s.  Thanks also to those of you who commented on my Mormon Mommy Blogs guest post and made me feel so good. If you haven’t seen it  yet, hop over and check it out because I was pretty darn proud of it.  Pretend that sounded meek and humble.)