This is me not writing a post.

This is photographic reenactment of all the things I did tonight instead of writing a blog post.

This is me blocking my face from 95 tons of flying dirt and other debris at Grant’s baseball game during a wind storm:

Photo 50This is me eating a hot dog and french fries at Dairy Queen after the baseball game.  Don’t judge.  I didn’t eat any ice cream.:Photo 49This is me patiently reminding my children for the 700th time to stop acting like zoo animals and GET. INTO. BED.:Photo 52This is me plopped down onto my couch after said bedtime and brainlessly watching the American Idol finale on my DVR:Photo 47This is me cheering when Kris Allen won:Photo 48This is me sitting at my computer at 11:00 p.m. trying to be inspired to write something meaningful:Photo 51This is me looking at myself very closely and realizing that I am so tired I have bags under my eyes, and I’m covered in dirt from baseball, so I should just take a shower and go to bed.  Maybe I can do or say something meaningful tomorrow.Photo 58

Good night.