General Conference Book Club Week 7: Sister Lifferth

01_03_liffeWe must . . . cultivate in our homes and classrooms respect for each other and reverence for God.

This week’s General Conference Book Club selection is a talk from the Saturday morning session, and our first female speaker for the the GCBC.  Sister Margaret Lifferth is the first counselor in the General Primary Presidency, and she talked about important things that our children must know and be, so it’s a great thing for us, as a group of sisters, to study and implement in the way we teach our children.

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>>Click here to read the talk “Respect and Reverence,” by Sister Margaret S. Lifferth<<

Here is a video I saw recently with a story from President Hinckley in a message called “Lessons I learned as a boy.”  I was very moved by this story, and it is a great example of the lesson that Sister Lifferth is encouraging us to teach our children.  I pray that my boys can be as compassionate as the sweet boy in this video.

Have a great week!