Add Reptile Surgeon to my resume

Clark got a toy frog from his Grandpa this weekend.  It’s one of those gummy, stretchy kind of toys that is perfect for a boy with an overactive and slightly destructive imagination.  He stretches the arms and legs out as far as they go, flips it around several times, then releases it to watch it spin itself back to original position.  This is, of course, more fun with sound effects of what a frog would sound like if it were forced to ride the Vomit Comet at the local amusement park.

Unfortunately, Clark and said frog were a little careless in their adventures this morning.  He thought it would be funny to wind up the frog and then put it on Natalie’s head.  The result:



That thing was all wound up and twisted in and out of Natalie’s locks.  After much apologetic wailing by Clark, it was determined that drastic measures must be taken.  I amputated the frog’s arm.

DSCF2032The rest of the arm was stretched out and twisted a hundred different ways in Natalie’s hair.  I would free one small section at a time, and then surgically remove it.  Final results:


Dr. Oz and Sanjay Gupta have got nothing on me.  I am mother.  Hear me roar.


20 thoughts on “Add Reptile Surgeon to my resume

  1. Hilarious! Somehow this post made me a teeny bit glad we never had a boy. Not that my girls wouldn’t do something just like that (they have), but that the chances of having a slime frog in the house are reduced with only girls around.

  2. I can’t help but laugh, especially at little Natalie’s expression in that last picture–exuberant and the slightest bit smug that Froggie was forced to sacrifice his limbs for her hair. What a great story.

  3. I agree with TheQueen@TerrorsInTiaras. The likelihood of that being in our house is greatly reduced by having just girls! Of course, those sorts of toys tend to *disappear* when someone decides to give them to my children. (Wasn’t me! I swear!) 😉

  4. Oh, man! Who knew frogs were so treacherous, huh?

    (Sorry I’ve haven’t dropped by lately. For some reason, I thought I had switched over to the new address way back when you had your blog issues but I guess I hadn’t. Plus I’ve been super lazy about blogging lately. Some days I wonder if I just just quit the whole blogging scene completely. *maniacal laughter* Okay, not completely….)

    But, anyway. Glad to see you got the better of that amphibian. Frogs are amphibians, right? 🙂

  5. My mother banned Silly Putty from our house when I was little because of my propensity to get it caught in my hair. Unfortunately my hair suffered for it–Silly Putty doesn’t have legs to cut off.

    My boys would have reacted like Denae’s–“Don’t cut the frog’s leg!”

  6. Right on! We’ve had to cut our share of hair due to bubble gum incidents, but there is a rubber lizard somewhere in our house (our boy-less house, believe it or not) that seems to find its way in the bottom of bedsheets and bathtubs when you least expect it. (Girls can be sneaky and sometimes cruel! It’s a trait I’m trying to teach out of them, but when their father eggs them on, it’s a losing battle!)

    I’m glad little Natalie was spared, however — she’ll grow up with a healthy sense of reality!

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