Can’t sleep.

imagesIt’s four-something in the morning and I can’t sleep.  I’m also very tired.  I hate it when that happens.  I think it’s an unfortunate consequence of three things:  1.  My mind is too busy.  Ever since I got back from Women’s Conference my mind is full of things I want to do and work on and think about.  Basically, I want to save the world.  I’m wondering if I’ll have time for that.  2.  It’s raining outside.  Normally I love the sound of rain, but when it’s 4:00 a.m., I can’t seem to get past it.  3.  Apparently, my husband is having dreams that he is an acrobat in the circus.  There have been flips.

I am happy to report that despite all my traveling paranoia, I did not get swine flu on my trip.  It was a close call, though, since I was sure I had it many times.

Also, when after one day of walking  back and forth across a large campus several times, you feel like your legs will fall off,  it might be time to crank up your treadmill workout at the gym a little bit.

And is it weird that after spending a few days away from your children, even when surrounded by tens of thousands of women in a large arena, that your children seem louder than you ever remembered?

Aren’t you glad you dropped in on all this blog substance today?  I promise to come up with something more meaningful later.  I’m going to go crawl back into the Big Top now and try to give sleep another chance.


14 thoughts on “Can’t sleep.

  1. I’m sorry you couldn’t sleep! We were both awake around the same time though, if that makes you feel better. You weren’t totally alone 🙂 Not that you ever are, but alone in your sleeplessness anyway…

    I’m glad you got to get away for a little while, even at the risk of swine flu.

    Peace to you,

  2. Don’t you hate it when your brain won’t let your body sleep?? That’s why I’m up right now, too… It’s not even 6 here (I’m never wake up before 7), and I had to go to bed late last night (long story), so I’m really tired. But apparently, the message hasn’t gotten to my brain yet! :S

    Can’t wait to hear about everything!!

    Oh, and it’s normal for your ears to have to re-acclimate to the sounds of children! 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear you aren’t able to sleep. I haven’t ever had a circus in my bed, but it sounds kind of fun. Maybe I’ll look into that.

    I can’t wait to hear how you are going to save the world. I gave up on that a couple of weeks ago – my brain has had a nice rest ever since!

  4. I hate it when I can’t sleep. Usually I can read myself to sleep but I have to have a good book to do that. And to be honest if I really wanted to fall asleep fast I all I need to do is pull out my scriptures. Those things put me out like a light. Sad to say. Oh and I LOVE the sound of rain. I could listen to it for hours. But when you can’t sleep I’m pretty sure it’s not soothing.

    Get some rest. Then come back and save the world. I’m pretty sure you can do it.

  5. I hate when my brain is spinning and i can’t sleep. Lately it’s usually about whatever dumb subject I’m writing articles on. I have to be sure not to write an hour or two before bed or I wake up in the night composing articles about tooth whitening or goji berries in my mind. Ugh.

    I agree, it’s always shocking how LOUD the kids are after a break, especially after a long break.

  6. It sounds like your husband and mine might be related. I swear, if it isn’t the kids waking me up at night, it’s my husband–talking/yelling in his sleep (sometimes in Spanish), thrashing around in the covers, and sometimes jumping out of bed or on the bed. Trying to calm down or rationalize with a 220 lb. sleep-zombie is quite the experience. Fun times.

    Glad you got to get away from it all for a while. Can’t wait to hear about it.

  7. Sleepless nights are truly the worst. I have those, too. And honestly, the husband totally thrashes about making it worse. One time we had some crazy wind and rain where it pounds on the windows on all sides of the house, so I didn’t love rain that night…

  8. It was worth popping in for the giggle over the line “There have been flips.” Even when you’re exhausted you’re entertaining.

    Err…not that that’s why I read your blog or anything. It’s totally about what an astounding person you are and how you inspire me. Honest.

  9. I am always amazed at how much I miss my kids when I am gone on long days or trips, and how badly I want to be with them, and then how quickly that disappears when they whine or bicker the moment I get back!

  10. Loved the flips. Can totally relate. And I think the whole ‘loud kid’ thing has to do with the octave in which they speak. And I’m always convinced I’m doing my best writing in the middle of the night. Come morning, of course, it’s another story entirely…

  11. My kids were louder and more ungrateful when I came back from Women’s Conference too. Although I don’t have a lot of sleepless nights, my sister (at a hotel during Women’s Conference) did introduce me to a herb called Valerian Root which is a natural sedative. Just taking 1 capsule (1-3 capsules can be taken at once) is enough to quiet the mind. It doesn’t help with the hubby’s flips but then again, 1 valerian root capsule and the couch works wonders for insomnia.

    • I forgot to say that valerian root can be found at any drug/grocery store that carries vitamins. I think all brands are the same — any Kroger/Smiths/Dillons store surely carries it and I’m sure other drug store chains such as Walgreens or CVS have it available as well.

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