In case you were wondering…

…people who write books about motherhood have really bad mom days too. Sometimes so bad they’re ashamed to tell you the details. But trust me, you are not the only one living through days that just go wrong from the get-go, even when your heart, mind, and testimony KNOW better. Do you think they let people take the sacrament more than once a week? I need a do-over.


11 thoughts on “In case you were wondering…

  1. I know. And sometimes it includes the kids eating your chocolate on top of everything else. I hope tomorrow goes better for you.

  2. We all have those moments when we would like to pull the blankets over our heads and pretend we didn’t just do that or just say that…especially to our children. I have had my days of wanting to hide out in my room because I felt so bad for a motherhood meltdown in front of everyone. It happens. WE are human, but we are trying. It seems when we are trying the hardest is when it happens. Forgive yourself and take in the Atonement! : )

  3. Ugh…i really dont want to think back and try to count the number of times I’ve started getting squirmy & antsy for the sacrament and realized it’s only, say, Wednesday! Sorry you’ve had a bad day. On a bright note, I’m reading your book and I love it!

  4. Yes…so true. Give yourself a do-over. Apologize to the children, tell them how you should have handled it. Ask them to forgive you so you set the model for how to handle things when you have done something wrong. They will forgive you. They love you! You are their mother. It will soften their heart.

    Short story, one time a child was giving me particular grief. Nothing I was doing was helping, just making the situation worse. After a particularly bad interaction, I sat at the top of the stairs just sobbing. My very angry child heard me. It softened his heart. He came to me, put his arms around me, apologized for his behavior and I apologized for mine. We just held each other and cried. It hasn’t always worked like that….but sometimes, even in the midst of the storm, the Lord sends you golden nuggets so you know He is aware. Tomorrow (or today) 😉 will be better!

    Your book is on its way to my house. Can’t wait to read it!

  5. I can definitely relate! Hang in there, you are a good mom! Your kids love you. Hopefully you are feeling better now that it has been a couple of days. If not, may I suggest a blessing? I was having a day like that a couple of years ago and my husband offered me a blessing. I would never have thought to ask one for something like that, but it was so comforting to be reminded of my Heavenly Father’s love for me and my children and to be blessed with patience and increased abilities to communicate with my children and to understand their needs. I believe it really made a difference that day and since.

  6. Thursday night was that day for me 😦 It took me a few hours after the kids were finally asleep to feel any peace at all. It’s all part of growing up. My growing up as much, if not more than, my kids’ growing up! At least tomorrow is Sunday.

  7. Ahem . . .looks like we had the same kind of day on Thursday. Before I nodded off to sleep that night I took another peek at the chapters of your book . . . looking for the chapter, “Jesus Christ Endures.” Because, quite frankly, I have no idea how He endures me in my lack of enduring my children! By the time I read through all the titles I was even more grateful I had your book to remind me at least, of my covenant of motherhood and that I am still working on getting it just half right! 😉

  8. I meant to comment on this post when i first read it but I must have gotten busy with something else…We all have these days, I could tell SOOOOO many stories. Reading this did inspire me to pick up the phone and call my Mom, to talk to her, find out about her day, and just let her know how incredibly awesome she is and how much I love and appreciate her. I also sent my MIL a message letting her know that she is loved and appreciated, then had my Husband give her a call. Reading your post made two other Mothers day a little brighter! 🙂

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