33 General Conference Activities for Children

33 General Conference Activities for Children

General conference is a fantastic opportunity to sit at the feet of living prophets and hear the word of the Lord. By preparing early, we can create a culture of family attention and participation. Here is a collection of activities you can use to help engage your children in the general conference experience. Each of the pictures links you to the original site and post where I found the idea. Click through to those sites to learn about each activity.

Before you get too carried away, keep this in mind: Just pick a few activities that seem like a good fit for your own children and family. If you try to do too much, you will stress yourself out and then find yourself highly disappointed and annoyed when it doesn’t go like you planned it all out in your mind during your sleepless preparations. In the end, conference is supposed to be a reverent learning experience and not a three-ring circus, so work hard to create a healthy balance.

1. Countdown to conference FHE Activity.


2. Prepare by Asking Questions


3. Conference Countdown “Calendar”


4.  Apostle Flash CardsApostleFlashCards

5. General Conference Trivia Gamegc trivia6. Ideas for preparing children spiritually for Conferenceprepare

7.  Watchmen on the Tower FHEwatchmen

8. Study The 14 Fundamentals of Following the Prophetfundamentals

9. Basket and Bags that children do during each speakerbasket

10. Another Baggie ideabaggies

11. GC Infographicinfographic

12. Conference journalsconfjournals

13. Listening for Key wordsFamilies Tag

14. Draw pictures/notes from each talk and hang by picture on wallart wall

15. GC paper dolls (with word bubbles to add quotes)paperdoll3

16. Living Prophet Memory GameElder Andersen

17. Toddler ideas like magnetic letter matchingmagnetABC

18. Questionnaires for each sessionquestionnaires

19. General Authority “Go Fish”Go Fish 1

20. Preschool Activities including Word Huntwordhunt

21. Build a TempleBuild A Temple

22. Question Wallquestion wall

23. Lego templelegotemple

24. General Conference traingctrain

25. Fantasy General Conference Bracketsbrackers

26. Guessing the Statistics (and other ideas for each session)Church statistical report

27. Word Search/Puzzle Activities for various agesGeneral-Conference-Activity

28. General Conference Wall using Gospel Art Kitgcwall

29. GC Notes WorksheetGenConfNotes

30. GC Bingobingo

31. GC Bracelets (and other activity ideas)beads

32. The Ultimate Guide to Conference with Kidsgeneral-conference-with-kids-feature-image

33. Sugardoodle.net: The motherload of packets and printables for conferencepackets


How to prepare YOURSELF for General Conferencet_van-gogh-woman-praying

And a Dieter F. Uchtdorf talk: “General Conference—No Ordinary Blessing” Great ideas about preparing spiritually.dieter-f-uchtdorf-large

God bless you as you prepare for and participate in General Conference. I know God lives, that his Church has been restored, and that as we act upon the things we learn in conference, we will be blessed with power and protection and treasures of knowledge.