DIY- General Conference Book Club


Wasn’t General Conference great? My testimony was renewed, and I walked away with a list of items to work on implementing that I know will bring more power and blessings into my life. I am so grateful for living prophets and apostles. I know God lives and speaks to us today through His servants.

After 9 semi-annual conferences, I’m no longer going to host the online General Conference Book Club here on Diapers and Divinity, but I still hope that people will run with the idea and use it either for personal study or to do a collaborative study with friends. Here’s how it works:

  1. Study one talk each week until the next general conference in October. It just so happens that there are exactly the number of talks as there are weeks this time around, so it makes for a really easy fit.
  2. You can simply read the talk, or you can mark it up and study it and ponder it throughout the week. Write your thoughts in your journal. Look up all the scriptures quoted in the talk as part of your scripture study for the week. Find ways to apply the teachings in your life.
  3. If you decide to get together with others, either online on among friends, you can share your thoughts about the talk, share testimony, and share related experiences and goals. You can meet weekly, which is fairly easy to do online, or you can meet once a month and discuss the 4+ talks for that month. If you do get together as friends, it could be fun to meet up at a favorite restaurant, get together at a home and have refreshments, or tie it in with another fun activity like a game night or something.

I have put together a schedule that you can follow starting next Sunday. The audio and video is already posted, and the text for all talks will be available on by the end of this week.

14-Apr-13 President Boyd K. Packer watch listen
21-Apr-13 Bishop Dean M. Davies watch listen
28-Apr-13 Elaine S. Dalton watch listen
5-May-13 Elder Craig A. Cardon watch listen
12-May-13 Elder M. Russell Ballard watch listen
19-May-13 President Henry B. Eyring watch listen
26-May-13 Elder Richard G. Scott watch listen
2-Jun-13 Elder Quentin L. Cook watch listen
9-Jun-13 Elder Stanley G. Ellis watch listen
16-Jun-13 Elder John B. Dickson watch listen
23-Jun-13 Elder David A. Bednar watch listen
30-Jun-13 Elder Russell M. Nelson watch listen
7-Jul-13 President Dieter F. Uchtdorf watch listen
14-Jul-13 Elder Neil L. Andersen watch listen
21-Jul-13 Rosemary M. Wixom watch listen
28-Jul-13 Elder L. Whitney Clayton watch listen
4-Aug-13 Elder L. Tom Perry watch listen
11-Aug-13 President Thomas S. Monson watch listen
18-Aug-13 Elder Jeffrey R. Holland watch listen
25-Aug-13 Elder Dallin H. Oaks watch listen
1-Sep-13 Elder Christoffel Golden Jr. watch listen
8-Sep-13 Elder Enrique R. Falabella watch listen
15-Sep-13 Elder Erich W. Kopischke watch listen
22-Sep-13 Elder Bruce D. Porter watch listen
29-Sep-13 Elder D. Todd Christofferson watch listen

If you would prefer to participate in an online discussion group similar to what has been hosted here and aren’t interested in setting up your own community, Becca at My Soul Delighteth will be hosting a GCBC for this round of conference and welcomes your participation there.

This is what President Monson said during the closing remarks of yesterday’s conference:

“I know you will agree with me that the messages have been inspiring. Our hearts have been touched, and our testimonies of this divine work have been strengthened. As we’ve felt the spirit of the Lord, may we long remember what we’ve heard these last two days. I urge you to study the messages further when they are printed…

I know I have been blessed as I’ve studied the words from conference and tried to understand them, apply them, and internalize them. Whether you do a book club or not, please make a goal to make these talks a priority over the next six months. You won’t regret it.

[P.S. Congratulations to anordinarymom who was the winner of the Covenant Motherhood podcast book giveaway. I’ll contact you via email.]