My poor blog.  If it weren’t for GCBC and Find-a-Friend Fridays, it might have completely withered up and died this summer.  Summer is just busy.

Here’s a peek at the last several weeks in no particular order.  I do not expect anyone to care except for my posterity, who I decided long ago will read my blog nightly along with their scriptures to keep them on the straight and narrow.   …. What are you laughing at?


We went camping for 6 days in Colorado.  It was a twelve-hour drive, and my children surprised me by being very, very good the whole way down.  They compensated for their good behavior by driving Matt and me bonkers over the next several days.

One day, we drove up Pike’s Peak highway to some reservoirs to fish, hike a little, and picnic.  Matt sent the boys with a couple camp chairs down to the beach and told them to pick a spot and wait for us there while we unloaded all the other equipment.  A few minutes later, we walked down to the beach and could not find them.  We searched the shore in both directions and still could not find them.  Long story short, they didn’t know that we had parked right next to a reservoir, so they hiked down the road (like a MILE) to the reservoir below that we had passed on the way up.  Then they hiked the trails from the parking lot there down to the beach, where they sauntered to the other side of the lake, plopped down the chairs and sat and waited for us.  For a long time.  When I finally happened upon them an hour later, I was so relieved and they were so confused about why we took so long and why they were in trouble.  They actually did exactly what they were supposed to do; they just did it at the wrong lake.  Matt was about pack up everything and head back home after that, but we recovered, even though the boys had to stay within ten feet of us the rest of the trip.

Another lowlight of the trip included middle-of-the-night puking by Grant.  In our pop-up trailer, on the cushions, during a thunderstorm so all the windows had to be closed.  So not fun.  Highlights included time with family and beautiful hiking and scenery.  We survived and actually had fun.  I’d say it was (almost) worth the 3 garbage bags full of dirty laundry we brought home with us.  Here are Matt and Natalie hiking at Garden of the Gods.  It’s a scene that makes me happy.

In other news, I taught EFY last week, but only for one day because I got sick.  I spent the night and following morning vomiting and running back and forth to the bathroom.  I tried to show up the next afternoon and teach, but they sent me home.  😦  I was sad I wasn’t able to finish.  It was fun while it lasted.

Matt’s mom and grandma have been in town and it’s been fun to have visitors.  I like the company and the kids love the grandma-love.

I got nostalgic and read my entire missionary journal this week, starting right after my mission call all the way to the plane ride home from Argentina.  It was so cool to relive all those memories and feelings and blessings.  It’s taking all my restraint to not hop on a plane to South America right now and go visit everyone.  I couldn’t stop there, so I kept going and read all my post-mission years up until I met and married Matt.  My goodness.  Those long single years were sure busy and dramatic times.  Half of me wants to go back and relive the excitement, but the other half (the tired and happily-married half) wouldn’t touch those years again with a 10-foot pole.  🙂

This summer has been pretty low-key, and it’s been nice.  I’ve actually enjoyed the free time and summer activities.  I’ll miss the relaxed schedule once school starts again.  Just in the last few days, though, my boys have entered a new really annoying stage of behavior that Matt appropriately labeled last night “the gauntlet of stupidity.”  The constant noisemaking, grade-school comedian, poking and giggling and wrestling stage has made me grateful again that school is right around the corner.

So how about you?  What’s been the highlight of your summer?


11 thoughts on “Hi.

  1. “Gauntlet of stupidity.” That is perfect!
    We went to Colorado, too, but didn’t do any camping, since the temp was well into the 100s. I am far to spoiled – um, pampered to camp in the sweltering heat.
    And I am nearly to the point of counting the hours until school starts again…

  2. Great summer! 😀 I have yet to do a post about my summer. It has been so busy I have hardly written anything. 😮 I love to write. 🙂 I’m finally beginning again. 😀 I will write about my summer soon, too.
    Corine 😀

  3. My highlight was dinner with my dearest friend who unfortunately lives almost 2000 miles away. The food was good but the company was fantastic. I hope that the mini-family reunion that starts this afternoon will be a close second. Here’s hoping that everyone gets along and has a great time…

  4. My highlight was just this last week when my family came to visit and we went and did all kinds of fun stuff together. The only thing that would have made it perfect would be if my brother could have come up too.

  5. The highlight of my summer is happening next week – my parents are coming and we’re finally going to hit the beach! I can’t wait.

    I’m sorry about the vomiting and lost boys. Camping is certainly an adventure. You got to see some beautiful country though!

  6. Our highlight was a trip to Yellowstone, but I think we scheduled it too early in the summer. It has seemed long and hot here with no break since mid June. But school starts tomorrow, so we have survived somehow!

  7. My little boy (age 2) sat on my lap and asked about the Daddy and girl and what they were doing.

    Mission nostalgia is wonderful! My husband’s father sent all my husband’s letters to us. It is interesting to learn about him as a missionary. I have remembered this summer about being a missionary and how happy I was. I hope to reclaim some of that happiness as we make the next turn into making our home more of an MTC for our sons.

    Summer is always busy with trips. We were gone for about 3 weeks visiting family. We started school last week. We have not yet hit the gauntlet of stupidity. I think they are a little young still.

    I also have thought a lot of pioneers this summer and their strength. I’m hosting a series this week of pioneers today. It is different women and how they see themselves as pioneers. Wow! That was an essay to your two questions. You must write to bring out the best in me. 🙂

  8. Glad you survived camping and EFY…. 🙂
    Our summer has been great! One of my highlights was hanging out with YOU 🙂
    However, I’m sorry to tell you that my son is now 13 and the “Gauntlet of Stupidity” only increases with time… actually my husband still enters the gauntlet more often than not. I think Scout Camp helps encourage that one!

  9. I’m so sorry you were sick! That stinks. But it seems like you’re having a lovely summer (even with losing your boys for so long! Scary!)

    You’ve really inspired me to re-read all of my mission journals. I think I need that.

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