Find-A-Friend Friday: Meet Dixie Jo

Today’s interview with Dixie Jo is a chance to meet another fun acquaintance through blogging.  Her answers are some of the most enjoyable I’ve read so far and it’s easy to feel like we could be fast friends, especially if she would let me send my kids to her house when they need a fun mom.  🙂  Meet Dixie Jo:

Hello My Name Is: Dixie Jo Dunn.

“Oh, you must be from the South?” is the most common response that I get when I tell people my name is Dixie Jo.  “No, I am from Utah.”  Most commonly followed by, “Really!? I would have thought with a name like that you were for sure from the South.”  I am sure that is why my dear parents named me Dixie Jo, just to throw people off.  I have to admit, it does make for a good, although repetitive, conversation at get-to-know-you gatherings.  From the South or not, I now live in South Texas.  Which isn’t “The South” that people speak of, and Texas considers itself to be its own thing.  Not South, not West, and not South West.  We are Texas.  My twelve-year-old tells the joke that if all the ice in Alaska melted that Texas would be the largest state.  And that is how proud Texans are.

I am the “Mother of Men.”  My dedicated husband and I have four boys.  I use my spoonfuls of sugar to turn their perpetual energy and ever-increasing mass into refined young men that will someday in my most peaceful dreams be outstanding fathers and husbands.  Their ages are Hallow-leg (12), Always-moving (10), Loudest (5), and Cute-and-terrible-terrific (2).

Other stats you may like to know although I am not sure why. (Read: I am an introvert and don’t like to talk about myself!)   I am 36.  Age has never bothered me.  People keep insisting that it will, but so far, no.  My sweetheart has been all mine for 17 years.  Did you just do math in your head?  Yes, I was a young and blushing 19-year-old when I got married.  My favorite color is purple and it was my favorite color long before purple was the cool hip color that it is today.  I collect penguins, nativities and kitchen gadgets.  My hobbies include wasting time on the computer and internet, dirtying pots and pans (especially baking), sewing with a machine (not by hand) and my latest obsession is the iPad.  (trendy geeky, I know, but true too!)  And because I am married to a lawyer I sometimes think I am one to.

Born and raised in small dots on Utah’s map, (Heber, Vernal, American Fork) I never imagined I would raise my family in the 7th largest city in the country.  I grew up with dirt roads and running through the irrigation water.  My kids are growing up with concrete and water parks in the shadow of the Alamo.  I was raised an only child and always knew Continue reading