GCBC Week 20: “Called to Be Saints” by Elder Benjamín De Hoyos

Week 20, folks.  TWENTY.  🙂  If you’re still following along, consider yourself among the few, the proud, the …. GCBC hall of fame.  (Trust me, it’s a great honor.)

My husband’s side of the family has a couple generations of a Catholic tradition.  This past week in the car, my niece asked, “How come we don’t have Saints in our [LDS] church?”  I explained to her the best I could that we do have saints, but it means something different in our religion.  It means a sincere and dedicated disciple of Jesus Christ, and it’s what all members should strive to be.  This talk explains it better:

“Called to Be Saints”

by Elder Benjamín De Hoyos

Of the Seventy

I loved this simple, profound truth.  I know it’s right:

To the degree that members of the Church live the gospel and follow the counsel of the prophets, they will, little by little and even without noticing it, become sanctified.

What stands out to you as you study this talk?  What does the talk make you understand about your role as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?  Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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