What kind of blog is this anyway?

I get a fair amount of spam comments on this blog.  In fact, I probably get more spam than I get real comments.  Let me check. Yep, totally.   28,956 vs. 6,872.  Wow.  (WordPress has an awesome spam filter.) A couple have jumped out at me lately.  Besides the fact that most of them are ridiculously-translated, nonsensical comments trying to redirect me and my readers to their trashy website, sometimes I wonder how they ever expected anyone to click on their link anyway.  Check out a couple of my favorite recent spam comments:

Yeast infection for you! it the best thing that can happen to you

asinine hazy idea, grace! thanks. i look out for number one.

In the beginning just remember it was darked and then someone smiled! try this:You’re just jealous because the voices are talking to me and not you! :)

Um, wow.  What inviting comments.  Can’t wait to “meet” those folks. <—sarcasm

Then there are things that “regular” people are looking for.  These are things that actual people have typed into Google or other search engines that have somehow landed them on my blog.  While it’s sometimes hilarious to see what people are looking for, it’s slightly unnerving to realize that something about my blog and its content has selected it as an answer to their search.  And they clicked on it.  I can only wonder how helpful or disappointing their visit was.  I mean, seriously, look at this list.  What does this say about me?

angry mom

example of urology limerick poem

weird monkey transformation

boogers bedroom

baby terrorist

an angel measuring something

old lady diapers

kidney leisure ultrasound

what do ships, railways, mines, cars, and government exist

you lover her not me quotes

self help books internet addiction

my husband wears the worst jeans

Apparently, I’m not nearly as classy as I thought I was.

What are some of the funniest comments or searches you’ve seen come across your blog?

And p.s…. Any volunteers for Find-A-Friend Friday this week?  I haven’t heard back from my randomly selected guest, so I need a back up.  First come first, first serve.  Thanks!


16 thoughts on “What kind of blog is this anyway?

  1. this is SO funny!! seriously! oh my goodness 🙂

    I checked my keyword searches and this is what I found:

    warrant lead singer
    longest toenails
    girls pinewood derby car
    feel incompetent
    guppy eggs and babies


  2. Love the post, it really is funny. I checked my recent keyword hits and they include:
    kill a starfish for dissection
    how to make edible lightsabers
    if-then chart
    saltwater evaporation experiment homeschool lapbook

    Too fun!

    If you still need someone for Find a Friend Friday I’m available, just email me!

    • Oh wow! Old Lady Diapers is my favorite! Some day we’ll all still be blogging and we’ll have to change out blog names to something like this!

  3. I don’t even know how to check mine. You are so not any of those things but they are HYSTERICAL!!!! Your husband should be offended…Have you mentioned on your blog he wears bad jeans? 🙂 The kidney leisure ultrasound is kind of creepy…

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