GCBC Week 6: “LDS Women Are Incredible!” by Elder Quentin L. Cook

Happy Mother’s Day!  It’s a day to be honored for doing honorable work.  One breakfast in bed or homemade card is not enough to thank mothers for all the work they do day in and day out, but it’s a lovely gesture that helps us know our work doesn’t go unnoticed.  So while the talks at church (and this talk here) gush about all the great things that women and mothers do, suppress the urge to feel guilty about what you wish you did better (No, really.  Stop it.), and celebrate all the amazing things you do.  Celebrate your remarkable role as a woman and mother in the kingdom of God.  You really are incredible.

“LDS Women Are Incredible!” by Elder Quentin L. Cook

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16 thoughts on “GCBC Week 6: “LDS Women Are Incredible!” by Elder Quentin L. Cook

  1. Listened to this today. No really profound thoughts, so I’m going to study it a little more and see if anything jumps out at me. 🙂

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. I love this talk. It has so many important statements. Having raised my children as a single mom, it is always nice to know that the “brethren” remember and pray for us. Trust me, we need all the help we can get. I love that he talked to single sisters and reminded them of the promise that they will receive those gifts even if it isn’t in this life. (I think that applies to us single mom’s too. Yes, we have children, but a loving husband would be great!) I also love that he talked about stay at home mom’s as needing to remember that they aren’t “just” stay at home mom’s. This is a sacrifice that isn’t valued in the world today. However, he was careful to say that we should never judge a mother who works outside of the home. We don’t know their situation.

    Even though it sometimes makes us uncomfortable as women to hear our virtues extolled, we need it. It is one of those “guilty” pleasures. We often feel guilty because we don’t see ourselves as living up to the standard, but on the other hand we need to feel valued. We live in a world where women are often told we don’t do enough, we aren’t worth as much, and motherhood is a choice. It is great to have church leaders who value what we do and are lavish in their praise, while recognizing the different life circumstances we have to deal with.

    Thank you Elder Cook for lending us your support.

  3. Again, it is a story that sticks out to me. when he told about Elizabeth Jackson, my heart was touched. I cannot comprehend the feelings she felt, to be a mother, alone, far from any comfort or familiarity, yet, as a mother I can appreciate her appeal to God for aid…and the comfort she subsequently found in Him. As a mother, I have sought and received this time and again as I stumble along. This talk was encouraging and comforting. I have read it and re-read it- just to remember the one simple and all important fact- I am a daughter of God and He loves me. The Spirit tells me this is true and I am strengthened every time I embrace this warm and comforting truth!

  4. I’m downloading this to listen to today. My husband used it as the base for his talk in church yesterday (which made me cry) but I didn’t remember the actual talk from conference. So I figure I should listen to it this week.

    • I remember hearing this talk and feeling so uplifted! I loved re-reading it, I especially love the part where he counsels us not to judge one another on the “working decision” and do our best to uplift each other. All of us are doing our very best and don’t need the judgements of our fellow sisters! I also love where he says we are as valiant as our pioneer ancestors. Our trials are different than thiers, but every bit as difficult I believe!

  5. I am new to GCBC…this is my first week, actually. I have not read or relistened to Elder Cook’s talk, but will do so. I also plan to go back and read the other talks and comments that have been shared here. I’m excited.
    As for Elder Cook’s talk…I remember the story about the YW purse and plan to create a copy of my own favorite scriptures to carry in my purse, and I remember one line from his talk,.he said “many hands stand ready to help single moms”…brought a tear to my eye..and still does every time i think about it. As a soon to be single mom (filed for divorce in feb to end my almost 20 yr marriage due to infidelity and other issues)….I often feel very very alone. So that was a huge comfort to me.

    Now that i’m on the verge of tears..again…have a good night all!

    • Michelle, I’m so sorry about the hardship you are going through! I pray you will always have hands ready to serve you in your times of need, and that you won’t feel left alone. I’m sure you will be praying for them…
      …sending also a prayer of comfort for you,

    • Sending prayers your way. I know from experience that divorce is difficult (my parents are divorced as am I) but that sometimes it is the best thing for all involved. You and your children will be fine…remember “LDS Women Are Incredible” and that includes you! 🙂

  6. “We should all be careful not to be judgmental or assume that sisters are less valiant if the decision is made to work outside the home. We rarely understand or fully appreciate people’s circumstances.”

    The last line of that quote could apply to lots of things in life–not just mothers working outside the home. There is so much hidden struggle and pain in people’s lives. We need to show compassion and give them the benefit of the doubt for doing the best they can.

  7. Great Talk! I loved the whole thing but particularly liked three of the stories he told.

    First the story of the faithful pioneer sister – it made me feel like as women we CAN do hard things.

    Second the story of the young women’s wallet – it made me feel a greater sense of responsibility for raising my children, especially my girls in a way that will keep them away from the world. It also gave me greater hope for the future. There really are some great youth out there.

    And third the story of activating the lost men who hadn’t served missions. What a great women to see this problem and to resolve to make a difference. I think this is often a problem within the Church.

    I am so grateful for all of the great women in my life!

  8. The following stood out to me:
    “Our women are not incredible because they have managed to avoid the difficulties of life–quite the opposite. They are incredible because of the way they face the trials of life. Despite the challenges and tests life has to offer–from marriage or lack of marriage, children’s choices, poor health, lack of opportunities, and many other problems–they remain remarkably strong and immovable and true to the faith.”

    I know that I have had my share of difficulties and that the ONLY reason I made it through them is because of the Gospel and my Faith in God.

  9. This was the message my visiting teachers shared when they came over this week. After reading the story of Elizabeth Jackson, we had a great discussion on faith and being a woman in today’s society. It’s a great talk.

    One of the best gifts my dad gave me was his belief that I was incredible. It was nice to hear that message repeated by an apostle, yet it had a greater impact coming from my dad. Because of where I am in my life right now, Elder Cook’s talk was nice but not something that really made a difference in my life. However, even as he was delivering it, I was reminded of a time in my life where I did need to hear the message that women are important and motherhood is worthwhile, and Elder Holland gave it in conference back in April 1997. I was grateful that those who needed that message now got it.

    Finally, as I re-read the talk this week, what caught my attention the most were the end-notes. Since I had never heard of the book American Grace, and it was referenced a few times, I decided to see if my library had it. It was actually on the bookshelf, and I started reading it this week. I’ve learned a lot. Isn’t it amazing what you can gain from conference, even in unexpected ways weeks later?

  10. I thought I had commented on this talk. Darn! This talk actually came up recently from a woman who is doing this Friday’s Mother’s Day series guest post. She is a friend of mine who is a professor back East. She quoted part of this talk in her post: “[W]e should all be careful not to be judgmental or assume that sisters are less valiant if the decision is made to work outside the home. We rarely understand or fully appreciate people’s circumstances.” I realized that I have probably done this. I guess the thing that struck me then is how much we as women need to just support each other in love, like President Monson’s talk in the General RS Meeting.

    Thx for this, Stephanie.

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