Today’s post is a random mish-mash of thoughts and announcements and such.

Most importantly, we found out on Saturday that Matt passed the Bar exam.  I can’t begin to express what a hallelujah moment that was for us.  I was dreading gearing up for single parenting again if he didn’t pass, and I did. not. want to.   I mean, it’s been a looong road.  Here’s what our boys looked like when we started the law school journey.

Then, once we’d moved, started school, and Matt was in his first semester of law school taking finals, Natalie was born.

And now, we’re finally done.  Look how our family has grown up (and grown old) since then.  Can’t believe how the days and weeks can be so long, but the months and years just fly past.

Anyway, congrats to Matt and hooray for me.  🙂


Natalie’s been taking medications for a long time.  Prescriptions are part of our daily routine.  She hates medicine, and every day it’s a bit of a battle.  She actually has a sinus infection this week, so there are even more prescriptions.  She cries and doesn’t want to take her medicine because she’s too cold or feels yucky, and I try to tell her that’s why she needs the medicine.  It will help her fever and help her feel better.  She still hates it.  Today I pulled the medicines out of the cupboard and I saw her sneak from the room out of the corner of my eye.  I called her again and again.  No answer.  Finally I found her in the office hiding behind the couch.  I thought how funny it is that she tries to hide from what’s going to help her get better.  That made me think of this quote from general conference and realize that we’re all as silly as Natalie in some ways.

“Sometimes we want to have growth without challenges and to develop strength without any struggle. But growth cannot come by taking the easy way. . . .  We must be careful that we don’t resent the very things that help us put on the divine nature.”  –Elder Paul V. Johnson


I can’t really explain this, but lately I’ve had an increased sensitivity to the elderly.  Maybe it’s because Matt’s grandma stayed with us for a little over a month while her husband was in the hospital.  I don’t know, but I’ve just noticed them more around me, and my heart has been drawn out to them.  I imagine that they have great wisdom from life’s experiences and probably many family members and happy memories.  But I wonder how much they struggle with loneliness or sickness, mourn the loss of spouse or loved ones, as well as the loss of their own strength, health and maybe independence.  Yesterday as I left the pharmacy, I saw a man who used to be my Stake president 18 years ago at BYU.  He set me apart for my mission.  One time he called me up out of the audience to bear my testimony at Stake Conference.  He also taught a mission prep class that I attended.  I greeted him, introduced myself and said hello, but as I got back into my van, I had a surge of those memories and I felt a wave of emotion and gratitude.  I wished I’d told him he was an important part of a really developmental stage of my life and my testimony.  I saw him as an 80 year old man now, much thinner and more frail, carrying away a prescription that was probably for him or maybe his ailing wife, and I thought, “maybe he doesn’t know what a great life he has lived and shared.”  I went home and looked him up on and found an address for him.  So I wrote him a letter, and it felt so great, and I hope it will somehow give him a little bit of joy.  Anyway, I’m not telling that story because I want you to think that I did some great thing; I just had a strong feeling and the thought that I should share it, so I did.  But maybe you know someone older whose day could be brightened by a note, a phone call or a visit.  Your kids can help too.  I don’t really know my point, but it’s just been on my mind lately.


I have a cousin who suffers from chronic migraines.  Matt asked about her the other night at the dinner table, so then my children were curious about her.  We explained that she’s had a really bad headache for literally years.  Grant was shocked and cried out, “Why?!!  Are her kids really annoying?”  I thought that was so funny.  I told her about it and we had a good laugh.  She assured me that if that were the real problem, they would have been gone long ago.  🙂  It also reveals a lot about what Grant understands about their behavior and my well-being.  Smart little whipper-snapper.


20 thoughts on “Snippets

  1. Has your cousin been to an ENT? About ten years ago, I was having chronic sinus headaches, and I went to an ENT and ended up having a sinusoscopy — they basically go up your nose with a tiny vacuum cleaner and suck all the junk out of your sinuses — was that too graphic? Sorry! — BUT the good news is, I haven’t had any problems since!

    In the meantime, congratulations for exiting the Law Student stage and entering the … whatever’s next stage! (I think it’s called employment!) Good luck!

  2. HOORAY FOR PASSING THE BAR!! What great news! I’m so happy for your family.

    And I loved the analogy with Natalie’s medicine and the quote from E. Johnson. We want everything to be calm and easy, but that doesn’t do much to help us grow, huh? The past couple of years has definitely forced me to break a “spiritual sweat” more than I would prefer, but I know that I’m a different (and hopefully better) person because of it.

  3. I had a BAD migriane that kept me up until 4 last night. I am scared to go in and get more Botox. I am not sure what to do. That is aweseom that you wrote that letter. Even well-established people of aweseomeness need words of encouragement.

  4. Congrats on passing the bar! Last May my husband completed his MD/PhD program after seven long years, so I understand the relief completion can be. Our daughter was born the week he started med school, so she was always our living reminder of how long we’d been at the whole school thing. Thanks for your fantastic blog – keep up the good work!

  5. I just want to thank you for the reminder to reach out to the elderly and get back over to the nursing home. My kids loved going when they were young; I hope that by going myself, I can set a good example and they will want to go more often, too. More frequent letters to grandpa would also be good. 🙂

    PS Congratulations with the bar! 😀

  6. I just want to thank you for the reminder to reach out to the elderly and get back over to the nursing home more frequently. My kids loved going when they were young; I hope that by going myself, I can set a good example and they will want to go more often, too. More frequent letters to grandpa would also be good. 🙂

    PS Congratulations with the bar! 😀

    • Congrats on the bar — I hope you are planning some fun celebration! I know this may sound weird, but I was thinking the other day how there are whole segments of Doc’s experience (i.e., schooling) that I know only second-hand because I met him *after* he was almost done with his PhD … most of the time I breathe a sigh of relief that I didn’t have to stress through that (I’m a *total* stresshead), but sometimes I wish I would have known him as a student (if that makes any sense?).

      Thanks for sharing the prompting — not only is it a chance for some of us to also feel a prompting to reach out, but it’s also a reminder to *follow* those promptings. Cheers!

  7. Congrats to your whole awesome family!! That’s great about the bar. Also, let me congratulate you on being a doer, not just a thinker. I hope to become more like that someday:)

  8. YIPPEE! The next stage of life begins with the passing of the bar exam! When we found out that my husband would graduate, I sat down on the bed and cried. Out of relief. We went out to a nice restaurant that night. I hope you celebrate in some way with or without children.

    Best to Natalie. I hope the infection leaves soon. Sinus infections are miserable.

  9. Stephanie, thanks for leaving the comment on my blog today about my “awkward neighbor story” on I’ve been poking around on your blog and it is awesome! I look foward to checking back at it :).

  10. Are you calling me to repentance? My grandma had her 90th birthday 2 days ago and I meant to call her (I’d been thinking about her and meaning to call her anyway) but Greg’s parents were here and I kept not doing it. I will do it today.

    I’m so very happy that Matt passed!! So great, and such a relief. What a beautiful family you’ve grown into while he studied!! (well, you were beautiful from the beginning…)

  11. Those are some awesome “snippets”…I wanted to tell you that I’ve started a Gen Conf Book club for us ladies out here in the middle of Pennsylvania. We are all excited about it and looking forward to the strength it will surely bring to each of us! If you send me your schedule of which talks you’ll do each week, we’ll follow it, but if you don’t have one, we’ll just pick our own! Thanks for the great idea! – Jocelyn

  12. congrats to your family!! what a wonderful accomplishment!

    I was just assigned several ‘older’ sisters in my ward to VT. I can’t believe how quickly I started worrying about them 🙂

  13. I still chuckle every day when I think about Grant’s observation of how my children might be so annoying that I’ve had this headache for years. He is a smart little one. So funny.

    So excited for Matt and you–congrats!

    Loved the quote with Natalie’s situation. I can tell you that I have wished more than once I could learn a lesson without having the pain (literally, on many days). But, the Lord knows us best, and we need to remember that.

  14. Love this post. Congrats on the bar. Elder Johnson’s talk was a fave. I really relate to the migraine thing, but loved your child’s comment. Kids are great.

    We went to a care facility for Activity Days last week and it really moved me. I, too, have been thinking about the pain and loneliness that can come from getting older. That story you shared was sweet.

  15. HOORAY on passing the bar!! I’m so happy for you, what a relief that must be! 🙂

    I love that you wrote a letter to your former Stake President. It will make his day, and you inspire me to think of someone to write to.

    And LOL at Grant. Smart one.

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