General Conference Trivia Contest

General Conference makes me feel all magnanimous, so let’s have some fun.

Yesterday, a new round of General Conference Book Club kicked off, so make sure you go there sometime this week to weigh in on all your conference favorites and goals.  While I watched, I wrote down things that I felt prompted to do or work on, and then I mark them with a star in the margin.  Last night, I sat down to make a list of those things, and it filled the front and the back of a sheet of notebook paper.  I’m going to be busy the next six months, but I’m so excited about the blessings and growth that will come.

Okay, so a contest.  Two contests, actually. They’ll both end on Thursday night and winners will be announced as part of the Find-A-Friend Friday feature on (duh) Friday.

Contest #1 is simply a way to reward yourself for tuning in to conference.  Just leave a comment below that declares how many sessions of conference you watched or listened to this weekend. Even one session earns you a shot at the prize.  You will earn as many entries as sessions you participated in.  I will do a drawing, and the winner will receive a general conference journal that I will customize and make it cool (think handy, not crafty) as a guide to help you think through and write down insights and goals as you study all the talks.

Contest #2 is a trivia contest with various questions taken from the past two days of general conference.  Some of the questions are content specific, but many are “trivial” and just for fun– a chance to simply reward your paying attention.  As to not give away your answers to others, please email me your answers at dd.stephanie[at]gmail[dot]com.  I will collect all of those who tie for the highest score and enter them into a drawing to win one of these two books (your choice):

Here goes:

General Conference Trivia Contest Questions

(p.s.  Best if you can do it from memory.  I don’t care about “cheating” as long as it only comes from this official conference site or your own notes.  I mean, why would I punish you for actually reviewing conference?  Any Googling or otherwise hunting down answers is not permitted.  Because it’s lame.)

  1. Name two of the three new temples that were announced.
  2. Elder Cook told a story about a young woman who misplaced her purse at an activity.  Name one of the items that her leaders found in her purse.
  3. Who was Elder Holland referring to when he said “Bedlamites”?
  4. Whose grandson blew kisses at the TV when he watched general conference?
  5. What did the prospector teach the young gold-digger that he was missing while he was looking for gold nuggets?
  6. This conference marked the 75th anniversary of what?
  7. What did the church donate in Japan to help people search for loved ones despite the difficult-to-travel roadways?
  8. Finish this phrase from a quoted poem (in general words is fine/main idea).  “When sheep go wrong, it won’t take long  . . . __________.”
  9. Name Elder Richard G. Scott’s belated wife.
  10. President Eyring announced an upcoming, church-wide day of what?
  11. Fill in the blank:  Desires –> Priorities –> __________ –> Actions
  12. What was Pres. Uctdorf afraid people might be texting during his talk?
  13. What specific item did Elder Pratt’s Mexican ancestor receive from a wealthy traveler just one week after paying his own tithing?
  14. Finish this quote by St. Francis de Asissi:  “Preach the gospel at all times, and if necessary, use ____.”
  15. What hymn did Elder Bednar take as a “hint” about his own talk?
  16. Only one of the twelve apostles did not speak during general conference.  Who was it?  (And does anyone know why?)
  17. What powerful hymn did the tabernacle choir sing right after President Monson’s talk about temples?
  18. Elder Grow spoke about a family member who had just passed away after turning around his/her life.  Who was it?
  19. Elder Maynes quoted his grandson’s primary talk where he said, “My family is like a ____ (what?).”
  20. Elder Bednar compared revelation to which two sources of light?

Matching.  Topic —> Speaker

21.  Accept and Seek Correction

22. The Church has an obligation to help poor and needy

23.  Keep Sabbath Day Holy

24.  Forgive and Let Offenses Go

25.  Combat Fears by Strengthening Faith

A.  Elder Russell M. Nelson

B.  Elder D. Todd Christofferson

C.  President Boyd K. Packer

D. Bishop H. David Burton

E. Elder L. Tom Perry


Have fun!  Good luck!