GCBC Week 23: What Have You Done With My Name?

We’re on the final countdown now toward our next General Conference.  Can you even believe how close we are to starting over again?  This week we will study…

“What Have You Done with My Name?”
by Elder Mervyn B. Arnold

“Our Savior invites us on a daily basis to cleanse our names and return to His presence. His encouragement is full of love and tenderness.”

Share in the comments some things you learned or appreciated as you studied this talk.  If this is your first time visiting the General Conference Book Club, click here for more information.


3 thoughts on “GCBC Week 23: What Have You Done With My Name?

  1. I loved this talk! The story about the cow and the fence is so great because often we aren’t any smarter than that cow.

    It’s good to think about what we are doing with our names. In the course of my work, I’ve met people who know different members of my family. It has been so nice to hear all of the kind things they say about them. I’ve never been embarassed to admit that I’m related. I hope my kids will grow up feeling the same way about their family legacy.

  2. This talk reminded me of being a teenager and anytime before I left the house my parents would say “Remember your a Nelson, and a daughter of God, act accordingly.” It was such a great reminder that no matter where we go or what we do Satan is going to try and tempt us, but by remembering who we are and what our name represents we are prepared to face the temptations as they arise. I never wanted to do anything that would disappoint my parents or the family name. Loved the story of the cow, what a great visual representation!

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