6 thoughts on “GCBC Week 20: Courageous Parenting

  1. Amazing talk. I love the 5 things he lists to fortify our families. I’m so grateful my parents did all of those things. The only one I haven’t done with my kids is having monthly interviews, but it’s been on my mind alot lately. Given all the changes in our family this last year, I think it’s time to start. Is anyone out there doing this? Do you have a format/method of doing them that works well?

  2. I liked this talk though I don’t have any teenagers (yet). It reminded me to start the 5 habits (FHE, prayer, scripture study, one-on-one talks, and family dinner) early so it will be easier to continue later on.

    I also like the scripture examples he used. I am always looking for parenting tips in the scriptures and from the perfect parent, our Father in Heaven. Parenting is hard sometimes (a lot of the time!) and having examples to learn from is really helpful.

  3. Love this talk, too. We have been doing “daddy interviews” since the kids could talk. My 5 and 3 year old love them. We do them on fast Sundays as part of their bedtime routines. My husband asks questions about preschool and going potty, etc. and they pray together. We hope if they get in the habit of doing it every fast Sunday now, then it will seem natural to do it when they grow up.

  4. I also don’t have teenagers yet but felt this talk gave me some guidance and help with things we can do now to help our children before they become adults. I like the quote from Elder Robert D. Hales, “sometimes we are afraid of our children – afraid to counsel with them for fear of offending them.” Then at the end Elder Lawrence states, “Counseling requires courage.” It is so important to begin counseling them when they are young so they can learn to respect and follow the counsel that is given to them.

  5. I loved this talk! I always love hearing church leader discuss parenting tips and strategies. I love the five fundamental practices that he gave and am happy that we are currently doing four of them regularly. I remember having these with my dad on Sundays and remember what a blessing it was, and how wonderful it was for our relationship. In fact, while we were visiting for Christmas, he and I went to pick up my grandma who lives about a half hour away, and after about 10 minutes I leaned over to him and said “Dad, we have been driving for 10 minutes and you have not asked me any of our interview questions.” He was grateful to be called to repentance and for the next 20 minutes I had my interview with him. I am trying to counsel my husband into starting them with our children, without trying to sound like I am nagging or forcing this on him. Any ideas?

  6. Like everyone else, I loved this talk 😉

    All I can say is, to make your life easier, START EARLY!

    This became clear to me, as we decided to say no to a couple of sleep overs…I had to repeat in my head over and over again, couragous parent, couragous parent!

    Other things that we have done since the kids have been little, like being modest and keeping the sabbath day holy etc are not huge issues at all, I believe, because we started doing these things early on in their life.

    Best of luck everyone!

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