Stuff that just needs to be said

This week will be our first Find-a-Friend Friday and we’ll all meet a new blog friend.  To all of you who “applied” for the honor, you made it!  It’s a long list, but I’ll get to you eventually.  If you missed it, go back and check out the new plan and add yourself to the list if you’re interested in playing along.


I almost feel like I owe a small apology about my post yesterday.  I still stand by a lot of the points, but in my attempt to say that we all need to be more forgiving of each other, I also kind of lumped the people in the “statistics” into a category of people who don’t get it, which I didn’t mean to do or say or imply.  I joked with a friend that we all need to study this talk by President Monson over and over and over again until we start to realize that we can NOT judge others unless we know their hearts, which we usually don’t.  It’s hard to do, especially when we think we’re right about something, but we need to extend the same kind of forgiving mercy that we hope to receive in return.  (And the less we think we need it, the more we probably do.)


After I declared my undying love for Enrique Iglesias on my Things I Love post the other day, one of his songs showed up in my Pandora feed and it was VULGAR.  And then I felt really stupid.  So just in case you were all thinking I’m some kind of closet listener to explicit music, I’m not.  At least not on purpose.  I still love his old-school Spanish stuff.  But please don’t run out and buy his latest stuff on my recommendation. Please.  Okay, thanks.


This is not any kind of formal announcement or anything, but last week I decided I wanted to write a book about motherhood.  Not a how-to book, but more about the doctrine of motherhood.  Of course, as soon as I started writing it, my children were possessed by demons and I’ve spent most of my time trying to hide from them or sending them to their rooms.  So then I felt like “Who in the world do I think I am trying to write a book about motherhood when I don’t even like my children?”  (I do, of course, really love my children, but you know, there are days . . . ).  If I could only learn to be as patient with them as God is with me.  So we’ll see how that all pans out.


And finally, as a public service announcement, if you stay up too late relishing the child-free time you have, you’ll always pay for it in the morning.  Just go to bed and get your sleep so that you can deal with the next day better than the day before.  The “freedom” feels great at midnight, but it hurts come morning.  And have you ever noticed that if you try to get away with it anyway, your children will always wake up at least a half hour earlier than normal just to rub it in?  You’re welcome.


18 thoughts on “Stuff that just needs to be said

  1. Awesome post. I think your book will be amazing and I can’t wait to read it. And I think there must be something in the air because my children have been not only possessed but completely taken over by demons!!!
    Oh – and about the whole staying up late thing. Totally hear ya. Darn early morning risers! I had that happen this morning. Stayed up late catching up on the ‘world’ (reading blogs) and my oldest woke up an hour early. I do have to say, though, that the baby was still awake last night at midnight… not that that justifies me, but he’s only 6 weeks old.

  2. I just have to tell you that I think you are amazing and your book will be great. I loved your perspective on yesterday’s post and I just love reading your blog. I love how you “keep it real” by saying that you occasionally don’t “like” your children, because I feel that way a lot and think I’m a terrible mom. I always love them, of course. Thanks for sharing your insights and thoughts on motherhood and life. I would definitely love a copy of your book!

  3. I found you through a post called “I’m a big fat chicken” on Chocolateonmycranium….. I LOVE your writing. I’m past the mothering phase…and loving my empty nest phase, but I STILL hear you. I can remember those days. I have daughters and a daughter-in-law in your phase. I think that if you write the book, it will be wonderful and a gift to the women who buy it. I’ll be back to read more. Keep writing.

  4. Stephanie, you would write an amazing book! I remember the first time we ever heard you speak in Sacrament, even my husband was rapt with attention, and he has mentioned many times how impressed he was with you…and he has never done that before…in fact, he usually falls asleep whenever women are speaking; it was a singular thing for him to be so touched. You have a rare combination of gifts…you are so strong, so true, so caring, so bright, and so courageous. I believe the Lord has sent you to be a great leader, and I could see you doing that through writing and speaking as an instrument in His hands. We miss you guys around here!

  5. I would totally read your book!!! I agree 100% with the whole staying up late thing…I have been doing that way too much lately and it is AMAZING how long the next day feels…

  6. You weren’t referring to my comment, were you? : ) I really did get the gist of what you were trying to say and made my comments focused more toward the general population.

    I believe the best books come from the heart and excellent writers–both qualities you possess. : )

  7. Thank you. I needed the admonition to just get my sorry self in bed. It’s almost 11, and I’m tired. And yet, I seriously will stay up for another hour or two judging on past experience.

    WHY do I do this?

    Going to bed…

  8. Yeah, your book would be incredible. No question.

    Also, the single best change I’ve made in the last month to impact my parenting is to go to bed by 11 every night. It’s an amazing difference.

  9. I laughed at your Enrique comment because that is the 2nd blog I’ve read today about Enrique’s music. AND we were on iTunes the other day, and we saw a vulgar title under Enrique’s name. DH was like, “what the???” We were confused, because I think of old school Enrique too… not the vulgar one.

    Sheesh. I wish people wouldn’t sell out. That’s so annoying.

  10. I love reading your posts, because I feel like saying “amen” to every part. You seem to go through so many mom moments that I experience, too. So probably, there are lots of moms who feel the way I do. That’s nice to know.

    Yesterday was a total don’t-like-my-kids day. They were horrendously un-obedient. Discovered a great song from the musical “Into the Woods.” It says, “Careful the words you say, children will listen. Careful the things you do, children will see. Children may not obey, but children will listen.” So hopefully, the things I am trying to teach are making their way into my boys’ minds and hearts, despite the blank looks on their faces.

    Write a book; I’ll buy it.

  11. You’re a terrific writer. Your book would be terrific. Let me know if you need any strategically placed swear words, in case Enrique isn’t taking any clients at the moment.

  12. I love every single subject you talked about. I think you could compile your greatest motherhood-related posts into a great book. And I, too, stay up way too late and always pay for it at 7 am. Thanks for sending me to bed.

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