General Conference Book Club Week 1: Your Favorites

Wasn’t it fantastic?
Don’t you feel like you want to remember everything you learned and felt?

Join us this time around in our General Conference Book Club. We will study one talk each week until the next Conference in April. We can discuss them in the comments, share our insights, and express our testimonies. It’s a way to encourage and uplift one another, and a pacemaker for your personal gospel study. Click here for more information on how GCBC works.

Today, at the close of General Conference, President Monson gave us this challenge:

“Take the time to read the conference talks. . . . They are deserving of our careful study.”

Tune in tomorrow for our General Conference trivia contest and a meme post you can cut and paste onto your own blog to discuss your personal Conference favorites. (More details here.)

So for week one, as we wait for all the talk texts to be posted, please share in the comments below some of the highlights for you as you watched General Conference this weekend— messages, impressions, testimony, favorites, etc.  What things stand out most in your mind and heart?


30 thoughts on “General Conference Book Club Week 1: Your Favorites

  1. I’ve got to say the whole conference was so spot on…excellent concise advice. Go back to the basics. Don’t be too busy. Follow the prophet. It’s parenthood not a popularity contest. Great, great wisdom and 1, 2, 3-step advice to follow! Awesome…I’m looking forward to the book club!

  2. The Saturday morning session is fast becoming my favorite almost every time. I loved Elder Holland’s talk. He always has such a profound principle to teach and brings it right down to earth. President Uchtdorf is also a favorite and today, Elder Arnold of the Seventy gave such heartfelt thought.

  3. It was an amazing Conference. As a former Seminary Teacher, I was thrilled with how many scripture masteries were used (no surprise ; ) I was just writing my weekly e-mail to my son who is on a mission and was sharing with a few of my thoughts. I thought Elder Scott’s talk was amazing. I thought Sister Wixom’s comment, “if we don’t teach our children, the world will” was right on. President Monson’s talk on gratitude was something I really needed. I loved Elder Ballard’s analogy with the lure’s. I think Elder Arnold’s story about the cow and the fence was something that really helps us understand the commandments and how they are not restrictions. As a daughter/wife/mom/grandma, I loved when Elder Gong mentioned in his talk about our being sealed in two different directions.

    I will stop now–sorry, but I LOVED it.

  4. I’ve been studying a lot the past few weeks about personal revelation, and there were a lot of talks that stuck out to me as to how to prepare and receive revelation. I loved Elder Oaks’ talk about that today. I only heard pieces of President Uctdorf’s talk yesterday because of noisy little ones, but got an impression during it that it was one I needed to study more in depth. Elder Holland’s talk made me cry, because it seemed like he was saying “You’re doing better than you think you are.”

    As far as direction for me personally, I loved Elder Bednar’s talk today about receiving the spirit. Definitely something I need to make more of an effort towards.

  5. I just love how each of us can find the revelation we need – no matter how different we are and where we are at – personalized just for us during General Conference. My husband and I have been studying about Zion vs. Babylon so of course hearing Elder Christofferson’s talk on a consecrated life followed by Pres. Uchtdorf’s talk about simplifying hit home.

    Can I tell you how much I LOVED hearing the family choir in the Saturday afternoon session? I would jump at the chance to do something like that!

  6. I am always inspired by President Uctdorf. He speaks and touched my heart in a way no other GA ever has. I agree with Chocolate, it is amazing how everyone of us can come away with our own revelation, feeling it was said just for us.
    A couple of my fav quotes from this weekend:

    “No temptation can overcome us unless we allow it.” President Monson.
    “Next to the bestowal of life itself, the right to direct that life is God’s greatest gift to us.” President Monson
    I am anxious to go back and listen to everything again!

  7. I loved the strong statements Elder Packer made about addiction and hope of conquering it. I think he said something like, “The Priesthood can erase addiction.” Over the past year I’ve been thinking a lot about how I spent my time or waste time. When Elder Christofferson said, “Sometimes it takes hard work to find wholesome leisure,” I said to myself, YES! Thank you! I was just so grateful he addressed this. I worry about myself spending too much time on the dang computer and it seems our society is becoming increasingly plugged-in as well.

  8. I have to say that Pres. Uchtdorf (sp?) was speaking just to me. I can’t wait to be able to read that one again and glean more from it. I liked how almost all the talks just seemed focused on getting back to the basics…I think we have forgotten that!

  9. I loved Elder Hollands talk. Made me feel like my tiny efforts are noticed and important. There were also parts of Elder Scotts that I felt that he was talking directly to me. There are a few talks that I missed and need to go listen to thanks to little kids talking too much.

  10. Messages for me: Slow down. Master the fundamentals. Be aware of the media that I invite into my home. Don’t be a passive parent.

    There was a LOT about agency and addiction and following the prophets. I’ve got my post set for tomorrow!

  11. I was very touched by Jeffrey Hollands talk, and blown away by the imagery in Gerrit W Gong’s talk. The Temple mirrors of eternity, seeing and understanding his role as a son, grandson, father, grandfather .. It was like the concept of eternity was being taught to me. The imagery was absolutely beautiful to me.
    As I listened to the talks I could feel myself being overwhelmed, and then an image came into my mind. A wall of post it notes with the concepts from each talk, and underneath 1 action that I could do to try to incorporate the talk in my life. I seemed to sense that if I did this, I would find that several of the talks have similiar or the same concepts as other talks and that trying to turn concepts into action wouldn’t be overwhelming. I guess I’ll see!

  12. I loved all the talks–but since you mentioned trivia, here’s a fun trivia question for you: In the last two General Conferences, how many talks have featured a baby girl called “Ruby”? Answer: Two. 🙂 (I think the first time it was a pseudonym, but I still think it’s an amazing coincidence.)

  13. I absolutely loved conference! I didn’t get a chance to see the Saturday morning session because of the time difference (I’m in the UK) but whilst reading through the comments here I felt the impression that we needed to do that as soon as possible so we will be watching that for FHE this evening.
    I haven’t commented on your blog before but I love it and am so excited to join in on the GCBC! It is exactly what I need to supplement my personal study! 🙂 So thank you!
    Ok, my favourites from this conference – aah, so many! Loved Pres. Eyring’s talk about trusting God and his servants. That spoke straight to me – definitely something I need to work on!I really enjoyed Elder Bednar’s talk about Receiving the Holy Ghost! Definitely something that resonated with me there!
    I don’t know about anyone else but I felt like “Hey, you’ve got a lot to work on… but you’re doing GREAT! Keep going!” I don’t know if that makes sense? I felt definite redirection but not chastisement! Which was nice! 🙂

  14. I think Elder Bednar’s talk about the Holy Ghost connects to how each and every member has access to personal and custom-made revelation, just for us. We are all entitled to that as we are baptized, receive the Holy Ghost, and live in accordance with the gospel.

    That being said, what I remember most when I think about this past conference, the parenting stuff stuck out to me a lot, which is odd because I’m not one yet 😛 one of my callings is the nursery leader, so maybe thats it.

  15. I love General Conference! The talks were all so well done. I liked several already named above, like President Monson’s Gratitude, President Uchtdorf, the Seventy from Italy (can’t remember his name right now). I also wanted to mention how much I enjoyed Women’s Conference, and President Monson’s talk about not judging. All very good messages!

  16. So excited to have the general conference club. i love reading the conference talks again. Some of my favorite talks were President Eyring, President Uchtdorf, and Elder Lawrence.

  17. Pres Uchtdorf’s talk on Saturday really struck me. I have had a hard time lately and have let the basics go a little. I am trying to stay at the same pace and I really need to slow down and focus on the basics. It was an answer to questions that I didn’t know I had. Funny how that works. And Elder Lawrence’s talk is another one that I really needed. I have several teens that are determined to do what they want to do, and I really needed the reminder of what they are facing, what they are here to do, and that I need not be intimidated by them when I know what is right for them. Great talk! Can’t wait to print that one out and highlight the heck out of it.

  18. So excited to have the general conference club. i love reading the conference talks again. My husband found this website, and told me that I might my like to participate, and I love the idea.
    The Conference was wonderful, is hard to decided which one was my favorite.
    I love the President Eyring, his talks are always so inspiring to me.
    And Sister Cook was wonderful, to hear her talking about the importance of motherhood and being a example for our kids…

  19. I like this GC book club idea! I’m looking forward to studying the talks again…Conference washes over me in a happy blur, almost like an adrenalin rush as I listen. It’s in the follow-up study that I really pin down the substance of all that “happy” and make it work for me. How grateful I am for “open heavens” and living prophets…and good technology!

  20. Richard G. Scott’s talk on faith. This talk was an answer to my prayers. Lately I’ve been praying about something really important and haven’t been getting an answer. Elder Scott said to be grateful when Heavenly Father withholds an answer for awhile because your character will grow. I know that the answer will come in time and that in the meantime I can focus on having faith and trust and allowing him to help my charater grow.

  21. The one I needed to hear the most was President Monson’s talk about Gratitude. We’re visiting Costa Rica for a few months, and the initial excitement of trying something new was wearing off and I was starting to murmur and complain. My husband had pointed out that I was being ungrateful, and so when President Monson started to speak, I knew it really was a message I needed to hear. And I’m glad to say I’m doing better.

  22. I appreciated reading everyone’s comments because they highlighted parts of conference that hadn’t stuck out to me the first time through and reinforced the parts that did impress me. The two talks that really felt like personal answers to my prayers were Elder Holland’s and President Eyring’s. Elder Hollands helped me feel like all of my efforts, though imperfect, are appreciated. President Eyring’s talk helped me see that some of the things I have struggled with lately come result largely from my failure to completely trust in God and his servants. I’m grateful for that understanding.

  23. Wow! Thank you all for posting your comments. As Katie says, you draw my attention to parts that didn’t stand out the first time, and enforce my gratitude for the thoughts that gave me what my daughter calls “spiritual whiplash”…the feeling that I need to replay and listen again because of the way my heart reacted! I’m still processing so many of the thoughts that came to me. This is the first time I’ve been to this site, and I’m excited to join the Book Club. I know I learn better when I can weigh and measure what others have to say on a given topic – gives me insight beyond my own myopic understanding.

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